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Nordic Operator RGB Gaming Keyboard, USB

Nordic Operator RGB Gaming Keyboard, USB

Meget solidt bygget og vejer overraskende meget. Utroligt præcist og RGB lyset ser godt ud. Selv kablet er sleeved! Anbefales.

By: Ra**** ******en 17/12/2021
Nordic FreeFlyer Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse, USB

Nordic FreeFlyer Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse, USB

Meget præcis

Den bedste mus jeg nogensinde har haft. Fedt design og meget præcis.

By: Ma***** *******en 31/01/2022
Nordic Operator RGB Gaming Keyboard, USB

Nordic Operator RGB Gaming Keyboard, USB

Rigtig lækker kvalitet hele vejen igennem og til en mere rimelig pris end så mange andre store mærker. Kan klart anbefales!

By: Ha**** ******on 27/01/2022
Chill Stealth Anti-Theft Backpack

Chill Stealth Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

Rigtig smart taske med god kvalitet og mange muligheder. Elsker de skjulte lommer. Passer fint til MacBook Pro :-)

By: Ol**** ****en 31/01/2022
Chill Fidelity E50 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker (2 colors)

Chill Fidelity E50 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker, Black

I love it! Bra ljud och perfekt design. Verkligen imponerande hur lång tid den kan spela innan den behöver laddas igen

By: Re***** H 10/01/2022
Deltaco 10000mAh USB-C PD PowerBank, Wireless Qi Charging, LED Display, Black

Deltaco 10000mAh USB-C PD PowerBank, Wireless Qi Charging, LED Display, Black

Had a few misses with some poor PowerBanks, which did not work very well. I was then recommended to check out Chill and took a gamble on this one.
I finally have a good quality PowerBank which can fast charge my phone. I am impressed with the finish, connections and price as well.

By: Ro**** O 05/01/2021
Chill Deltaco Wireless 2.4G RF Mini Keyboard (Nordic)

Wireless Mini Keyboard with Touchpad (Nordic)

Bedre og billigere end mit forrige Logitech Dinovo Mini, så kan ikke klage. Har både brugt det med en Android TV stick og nu min nye Playstation uden problemer.

By: He*** *****en 03/01/2021
Chill Fidelity E50 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker, White

Chill Fidelity E50 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker, White

Den mest eleganta och mest klingande bluetooth högtalare jag någonsin har haft. Fantastisk produkt och bra pris. Tack för snabb leverans!

By: La** A 05/01/2021
Chill Bluetooth Beanie with LED flashlight

Chill Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Beanie with LED flashlight, Black

Luen er god kvalitet og lyden er faktisk bedre enn forventet etter en stund. Jeg kan også bruke den i flere dager uten å lade. Rock on!

By: Ni** 27/01/2022
Deltaco 10000mAh USB-C PD PowerBank, Wireless Qi Charging, LED Display, Black

Deltaco 10000mAh USB-C PD PowerBank, Wireless Qi Charging, LED Display, Black

Lækkert design og virker bare! Fik den dagen efter bestilling, så anbefaling herfra :-)

By: Sa*** *******en 27/01/2022
4-port USB Charger Adapter, 5V/4.8A (24W), Smart-IQ EU

4-port USB Charger Adapter, 5V/4.8A (24W), Smart-IQ EU

God kvalitet og høj ydelse selv med alle porte i brug. Den bliver ikke særlig varm, så godt tegn! Til prisen en no-brainer - køb den :-)

By: Ra**** P. 08/07/2021
20W USB-C PD (USB Power Delivery) Fast Charger, EU/CE

Deltaco 20W USB-C PD (Power Delivery) Fast Charger, EU/CE

Købte den som ekstra lader til min iPhone 12. Den lader så hurtigere end den originale Apple PD lader, så nu er denne blevet min primære :-)

By: P. *******en 08/07/2021
Chill True Wireless (TWS) Bluetooth Earbuds

Chill TWS True Wireless Stereo In-Ear Bluetooth Earphones with chargebox

Endelig et par ægte trådløse høretelefoner som lyder godt, sidder godt, har lang batteri tid og er til at betale. Jeg er blevet Chill fan :-D

By: Er**** *******en 03/01/2021
Deltaco 2-port 17W USB Car Charger, Smart-IQ, CE

Deltaco 2-port 17W USB Car Charger, Smart-IQ, CE

Havde først købt en billader i Lidl, men med to telefoner tilsluttet tog det en krig. Man kan tydeligt mærke, at denne er meget bedre kvalitet. Desuden er der også kræset noget mere om designet (i alu/stål - ikke plastik), så den passer reelt bedre til bilen. Varen kom dagen efter køb!

By: P. *******en 25/01/2022
Chill Stealth Anti-Theft Backpack

Chill Stealth Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

Rigtig fed taske i lækker kvalitet. Ikke for stor og ikke for lille til daglig brug. Mange geniale gennemtænkte features! Varm anbefaling herfra.

By: El*** *******en 27/01/2022
Chill Stealth Anti-Theft Backpack

Chill Stealth Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

Det er den bedste taske jeg nogensinde har haft. Høj kvalitet, god størrelse, lav vægt, fede funktioner og bare godt gennemtænkt hele vejen igennem. Ikke den billigste taske, men selv til normalprisen slår den jo de største mærker.

By: JP 03/06/2021

Chill Products - Test & reviews

Testfamilien Chill Stealth Backpack Review

"Usefulness: VERY GOOD - With my work it is necessary to transport my computer around every day, therefore it is a must for me to have a bag that meets that requirement!

Durability / Quality: VERY GOOD - Really good comfort. It weighs nothing and is made of awesome materials. It is very durable and water repellent." Recommends 9/10 (Chill SFidelity E50 Bluetooth Speaker)

"For the price you get better sound than you might expect. It is good and detailed and I can play reasonably high without distrotion."

"Chill Fidelity E50 is a charming bluetooth speaker, though the design might not appeal to everybody. The sound quality is really nice and the battery life is very good. For the price, the Chill Fidelity E50 is definately an excellent bluetooth speaker." Chill Fusion Backpack Review

"Useful value: VERY GOOD - For me, it is a necessity with a good bag when I have to carry around my computer(s). That it is so nice to look at at the same time, it is only a huge advantage.

Shelf life / Quality: VERY GOOD - The bag is made from recycled plastic bottles (rPET). It is very durable and made of waterproof materials. The outer zippers are encapsulated for additional protection against the elements. It is a bag that will last for many many years." Chill Stealth Test Review 8.7/10 (Chill Stealth Anti-Theft Backpack)

"During my test I have used Chill Stealth as my primary backpack on the bike ride to and from work, and I've also included it when I needed public transport. I'm really pleased with the security, especially the code lock gives me."

"As a daily backpack for and from work with ease, it's really delicious. Details like the code lock to the main room and the USB plug are delicious details if you travel to places with many people."


Lokkeand (Youtube channel): Chill Stealth Anti-theft Backpack

"From now on this has become my primary 'go to' bag evrytime I'm going somewhere" 2x Chill TWS Headset Reviews

Usefulness: VERY GOOD - For us, wireless headphones for sports, at work and in the car are a must.
Durability / Quality: VERY GOOD - No signs of use at all!

Usefulness: VERY GOOD - At home we hear music every day, so they have a really good utility value.
Durability / Quality: GOOD - These are headphones in a really good quality that in my opinion can last for many years. anbefaler Chill Chill TWS True Wireless Stereo Sport Earphones

Test: Inexpensive but amazingly good headset from Danish Chill Innovation.

"The sound is really good in Chill TWS. It is well balanced, full of good deep bass and excellent details in both high and low frequencies. I can even crank up the volume without ending in a treble nightmare.

The sound quality in Chill TWS is definitely on par with the more expensive competitors, and I'm just about to go as far as to say it's even better.

Chill TWS is actually the type of true wireless headset I've sighed for. No fancy features and a price I think is really reasonable" tester Chill PB-13400 Powerbank Chill A3 Bluetooth 4.1 IPX7 Waterproof Alu Speaker

You get a satisfying music experience with the Chill A3 Bluetooth speaker when everything is taken into consideration. And for a garden party or on the beach, you probably do not expect any bigger concert anyway, and if you do, a compact and wireless bluetooth speaker may not be the right choice. It's the convenience that Chill A3 specifically addresses and it delivers a nice sound while safely taking the loudspeaker on a trip regardless of the weather. Battery life is acceptable and should be ample for a "whole" day so to speak. Recommended!

Premium Gear DK

PremiumGearDK (Youtube Channel): Chill A3 Bluetooth 4.1 IPX7 Waterproof Speaker

"The Chill A3 is a totally nice, nice Bluetooth speaker in a cool, waterproof design, which is clearly recommended" ... tester Chill PB-13400 Powerbank Score 5/5 (Chill PB-13400 USB Powerbank)

"The Chill Innovation PB-13400 is a very compact power bank in high quality based on Li-ion cell technology from LG. It comes in a sturdy PU Bag with room for cables etc, which is is a big plus. It can charge both phones and tablets, even at the same time. During my tests I did not experience any self discharge, which I have not experienced before. Self discharging usually an issue with most other powerbanks At this prices I can really recommend Chill PB 13400. it is by far one of the best Powerbanks I have ever tested." anbefaler Chill Bedste headset til træning: Chill V8 Wireless Sport headphones

"Chill has previously launched products with a focus on fitness and training. They have been quite good and the same is true with the Chill V8 earphones."

eMagasin1 Chill PB-13400 USB Powerbank

"We've had the new Chill PB-13400 USB Power Bank as a trusty companion for nearly 3 weeks testing, and it has been a real pleasure." Chill Fidelity Bluetooth Speaker

Chill Fidelity Bluetooth speaker surprises with plenty of good sound especially when take the size and price into consideration.

You will get surprisingly lot of travel speaker for the price, so you won't go wrong by choosing this for just under DKK 900,-

Optionally you can buy a small travel bag for DKK 59,- which is recommende, so you do not scratch the speaker if travelling. Score 5/5 (Chill SP-1 Bluetooth Speaker)

With the SP-1 Bluetooth Speaker Chill Innovation has managed to combine a sleek design that oozes style and class with good and balanced sound, which can be used for every genre of music and of course, movies, games and what else you might wish to use it with.

With a suggested retail price of DKK 699,- I can not think of a single wireless bluetooth speaker being a better choice than this. This combination of amazing design, high quality materials and good sound, I have simply never previously seen in this price range - buy it! Safe Buy Safe Buy Award (Chill Bluetooth Beanie)

We have never seen such brilliant Bluetooth Beanie before. A beanie combined with a headset is as an ingenious idea. Perfect for getting out in the cold while bringing good music, wirelessly.

Overall it works really good. One should not expect superior audio quality, but the sound you get out of the headset is actually very decent, perfectly for a walk on the beach, a walk with the dog, commuting etc. It's great to see that Chill did not just implement a standard cheap China headsets in a beanie and harvested profits. They have thought carefully about the audio and beanie quality, and it surely shows! Score 4/5 (Chill Bluetooth Beanies)

Let's start with the sound quality. The sound quality is actually really good. It can not compete with a good pair of headphones, but compared to my expectations, it was surprisingly good.

The Bluetooth connection is solid, and has a long range, I was over 8 meters and still had a solid connection.

The beanie hat is nice and warm, and can be machine washed after removing the electronics.

Outdoor Training Review

Magasin Outdoor Training: Chill PB-4800 USB Powerbank Score 6/6

Overall, we have been super happy with the Chill PB-4800 Power Bank, which is perfect to carry with you if you have electronics needing power and no access to an outlet. It is portable, takes up very little space and have a fairly large real capacity - so no excuse to run low of power. Anmeldelse Best speaker for the price! (Chill SP-1 Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker)

When you play at low sound levels, the sound may seem a little thin, but when you turn it up, you get both solid bass and plenty of fine sound details. Especially the bass is impressive and the sound quality is definitely among the best I have ever experienced in such a small speaker, especially considering the attractive price. Score 9/10 Safe Buy Award (Chill SP-1 Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker)

Wow, Chill SP-1 made a good impression!. You will definately get the feeling of havin a much larger speaker than actually the case. SP-1 is able to grow out of its relatively small box, and can actually easily play up larger rooms. Of course one must not expect the same sound that is found in much bigger speakers, but they also cost far more than SP-1 does and have no mobility. For the tidy sum of just under DKK 650,- you get a speaker that are close to impress on all counts. Everything from design to build quality and materials to the actual performance is spot on. Chill PB-12000 PowerBank

With plenty of capacity the Chill Power Bank PB-12000 is a very suitable travel companion for those in need of large power reserves in places with limited access to power, or if you just are as unfortunate as myself to experience blackouts for several hours when there is a storm and the smartphone need some juice. Chill Power Bank PB-12000 behaves quite satisfactory and we could charge the mobile devices up to 8 times before it was running low. Safe Buy Safe Buy Award / Score 97.5% (Chill PB-8000 PowerBank)

Is Chill's PowerBank worth buying? In short, Yes! Even to a large extent. With a very good performance and fast charging of external devices, you have your new best friend on the go. The design, the amazing quality, the many supplied adapters and the transportation pouch just gives an overall impression that is hard to ignore. It just looks like a million! - The stylish glass finish surrounded by the sturdy aluminum edge just completes the impression. Highly recommended!

Chill PowerBank - Great Product Award @ GREAT PRODUCT AWARD (Chill PB-4800 PowerBank)

There is almost nothing to complain about!. It lives up to my expectations and what is promised by Chill Innovation. Although i was a little skeptical at first, as i didn't thought I was going to be using it a lot - but but but now i almost can't go anywhere without the Chill Powerbank lying in my pocket, as i've got to used to have the extra power capacity in my pocket. It takes around 4 hours to get the Powerbank fully charged, and with a fully charged powerbank i can recharge my iPhone 5 about 3½ times. Be aware that I also used my iPhone while charging it. (English conlusion on last page)
Toms Hardware

Tom's Hardware: ChillDesk MiniXL CD-110XL Notebook Cooler

We are very impressed with the ChillDesk MiniXL and can not recommend it enough to all the Gamers out there experiencing high temperatures and performance drops during high load. The ChillDesk does not only improve the cooling and lower the operting noise, but also offer better ergonomics. Even the price vs performance ratio is impressive.
Toms Hardware

Tom's Hardware: Chill KB-1BT Micro Keyboard

At a quick price check, we see the Chill Innovation KB-1BT Mini keyboard is priced around DKK 500,- at most retailers. A price that fits very well for a product like this. The quality is good, the design is nice and the layout is well thought. It fits perfect in your hands even when typing and using the mouse simultaneously. Chill KB-1BT Micro Keyboard

KB-1BT is a handy device in your living room for controlling HTPC, Playstation 3 etc. You probably don’t want to write long articles with it but it can handle short writings well. Thanks to the small size it fits well next to the other remote controls in your living room. The LED light is an useful tool when you need to find your mobile phone in the dark room during the movie. Also the backlighting of the keyboard is useful because the layout is not completely standard. Gold Award GOLD AWARD (Chill KB-1BT Micro Keyboard)

I am very enthusiastic about this keyboard and I will gladly recommend anyone this device. It has multi purposes and if you are looking for a easy couch controller, or a ultru compact travel keyboard, Chill Innovation delivers. I have encountered a lot of these cheap wireless units, but the quality compared to the Chill Innovation's mico keyboard is second to none. (English conclusion on last page)

DinSide Chill KB-1BT Micro Keyboard

For a Mini keyboard solution to the living room PC, it is hardly possible to get anything smaller - It is smaller than all of our remote controlsIt works great for this purpose when we talk about the more relaxing activities. It is perfect for thumb typing. Easy to switch between mouse / remote mode. Built-in backlight.

VR-Zone SCORE 8/10 (Chill KB-1BT Micro Keyboard)

The Chill Innovation KB-1BT Bluetooth Micro keyboard is an excellent choice for people who want to control a HTPC or for those who frequently perform presentations, as well as for people who want a physical keyboard for their Smartphone/tablet device. SCORE 89% (Chill KB-1BT Micro Keyboard)

Chill Innovation has managed to make a small and very nice keyboard. Perfect for Home Theater and those who just want an extra gadget. Thanks to Bluetooth, all devices with Bluetooth HID support can connect to Chill KB-1BT.

The overall build quality is very good. Even if one tries to twist or bend it, there there will be no squeaks. You just get the the impression of having a really high quality product in your hands. The operating range was also very good and we did not experience any loss of connection. The Backlit keys which can easily be switched on/off, the built-in LED flashlight and a wealth of multimedia controls make Chill Innovation KB-1BT a perfect choice if you need a small and sexy Keyboard for your Home Theater (HTPC).

KitGuru Worth Buying AWARD (Chill CP-520M 520W)

When we received this product, we weren’t expecting such a positive review experience. While this specific power supply won’t suit power hungry gamers wanting to run high end dual card systems, it will be ideal for a performance related media center, especially when factoring in the extremely low noise levels, which are barely audible even at full load. Technically, the power supply combines very good ripple suppression with solid load regulation. The inclusion of a Yate Loon D14BM-12 fan was an educated decision, as this particular model is rated at 29dBa but can produce a reasonable flow of air across all the components. Efficiency is also reasonably impressive considering the modest asking price. Editors Choice EDITORS CHOICE AWARD (ChillDesk PRO CD-300)

The Chill Innovation ChillDesk PRO CD-300 stand impresses us in every way. The cooling performance is good, the quality is really solid and the design is nice - so what more can you ask for?!. The noise levels are supprisingly low and you have to move in really close to even notice the activity from the huge 220mm fan delivering up to 100CFM of airflow. The additional USB 2.0 ports turns the stand into a small dockingstation, for your external mouse/keyboards etc. Beneath the handrest you can keep your stuff in easy extractable side drawers, which also function as stabilizers for bigger notebooks. With the 22 adjustable height positions you will get the best ergonomic working conditions. Despite the price tag, we would still have recommended it, even if it was higher. RECOMMENDED AWARD (CP-450F)

In the segment for high-efficiency Power Supplies the Chill CP-450F 450W is definately among the best choices. It is cheap, it is stabile and not to forget very silent. The Ripple values are record breaking low and the efficiency holds an average above 86% for the entire load-range. This is pure and simple an excellent Power Supply and a great bargain. This is recommended! Score 95/100 - Solid Product Award (CP-520M)

The Chill Innovation CP-520M Power Supply brings our iTrend rating up to an amazing 95/100 points. A Power Supply which fullfill all expectations in all areas!. It has a nice finish and great semi modular cables, which provide optimal case and cable management conditions. The Power supply appear virtually silent up to almost full load in our hot-box. It complies with 'Elsparefonden', Energy Star V5 and 80Plus Bronze as being a very effective Power Supply. Bronze & Value Award (CP-450F)

The overall quality of the Chill Innovation CP-450F is nothing short of extraordinary. The overall performance of the latest Chill Innovation 450W unit is very well balanced, combined to create a very competitive product. The voltage regulation circuit does the job well, the efficiency meets the 80Plus Bronze standards and it remains steady across the entire load range. People who are looking for a power supply offering the best bang for their buck should place the Chill Innovation CP-450F among the first places of their shortlists.
DinSide Score 5/6 - Terningkast 5 (ChillDesk CD-200)

Smart and space saving design, can be height adjusted, extremely silent operation, effective cooling effect.
LaptopWorld RECOMMENDED Award  (ChillDesk CD-200)

ChillDesk CD-200 is a very clever product, which have perfect mobility due to its rounded design and low weight. The material is sturdy ABS which make the product strong and resistant. The stand has two different tilt positions which can easily be adjusted and thereby improving the ergonomy. Depending on the laptop used the fan will provide a great and vitually silent cooling, and is very easy to connect. If you are looking for a smart laptop cooling stand, the ChillDesk CD-200 is worth the money! ChillDesk CD-200 Notebook Cooling Stand

Overall we are very satisfied with the product! It does as promised, and the computer sits firmly without risk of slipping out of the stand. Material quality may not have been the highest priority in product development, but it doesn´t matter that much - it's a tolerable compromise between quality, price and functionality, which is done accpetable and at a very comfortable price. It doesn´t make noise and it cools quite good!


HardwareHeaven: Silver/Value/Performance Award (ChillDesk CD-110XL)

The flexibility of the ChillDesk MiniXL is exceptional and its manufacturing quality well above the standards expected. It also is very lightweight and compact, allowing us to carry it while on the move. As for its cooling performance, the silent fan will do a good job lowering the operating temperature of the notebook by a few degrees which should appeal to most users. it is by far the most flexible notebook companion we have ever tested to date. Additionally, it takes up very little room and can even reduce the space needed by a 15" laptop when used as a stand.

iTrends Score 90/100 - Safe Buy Award (ChillDesk PRO CD-300)

The ChillDesk PRO CD-300 receives our 'Safe buy' award for a very solid and yet flexible product with many features for even bigger notebooks - which are often overlooked in this segment. The product offer everything you can expect and the price tag appear reasonable at the time being. The 220mm fan really stands out offering superior airflow cooling without making any noise.



With the CP-1000M 1000W, Chill Innovation have achieved to make a Power Supply which can satisfy even the most demanding noise enthusiast, while also offering ultra stable voltage rails for high-end gaming systems - even at full load! The CP-1000M behaved indredibly during our testing and we never managed to bring it down. The Power Supply is a really great product, which from the first sight to the final experience oozes high quality and clever thinking. It can even be purchased at a reasonable price, making it an really attractive product.
Way to go Chill! RECOMMENDED AWARD (CP-700M)

Chill Innovation has put together an amazing modular Power Supply with stable rails, high efficiency and very low noise levels. We measured up to an amazing 89.1% efficiency and the low operating temperatures help explaining the ultra low noise levels. There are not many cheaper alternatives, and even fewer which can compete with these stable rails and noise levels. This is recommended!


The Chill Innovation CP-700M appears to be a well designed product, capable of meeting the high demands of the hardware enthusiasts. It is based on a clean, efficient design and it is built with good quality components. The electrical performance of the PSU is very good overall and will not disappoint any enthusiast. Where this unit shines most is with the acoustics, being one of the quietest we have ever tested in its power range.

Tweakup SCORE 95/100 RECOMMENDED (CP-700M)

Chill Innovation CP-700M pushes the Tweak’O’Meter to amazing 95 points, heading for 100, for a PSU that is exceptional stable under all workload conditions and at the same time exceptional low noise; a PSU that’s stylish and compact, and sports modular cables with a very well done sleeving even in between individual plugs on the cables. Only reason for not giving this PSU a clean 100 points is simply due to the unknown factor: We still don’t know the price (English conclusion in bottom of review).


SilentPCreview: RECOMMENDED (CP-700M)

The Chill Innovation CP-700M slides in comfortably among the quietest fan-cooled power supplies ever tested by SPCR. Its base noise level is low enough to form the foundation of a virtually silent computer, and the noise level stays low even to very high power levels. For silent PC enthusiasts with higher power requirements in the EU, this Chill Innovation is obviously a good option. We welcome the CP-700M to the SPCR recommended power supply list. SAFE BUY AWARD (CP-520A4M)

With the new CP-520A4M, Chill Innovation have polished up their former popular CP-520A4 model with an overall good result. The Power Supply appear very solid and is of good quality with high performance. The new modular cable system along with the upgraded industrial 105C capacitors are welcomed features, and the big 135mm fan delivers a virtually silent result throughout the entire test, just as announced. The price is very reasonable for a Power Supply of such quality level, and it is therefore given the 'Safe Buy' award for products uniting price and quality perfectly.

ComputerGeil GOLD AWARD (CP-450A4)

The Chill Innovation CP-450A4 450W is amazingly stable. All rails are very accurate even at full load. Through all tests it turns out to be a very good Power Supply. The fan is very silent as well, in accordance with Chill Innovations wish to be the silent compromise out there. All-in-all it is an amazing Power Supply and is therefore awarded with our Gold Medal

Hardinfo RECOMMENDED AWARD (CP-520A4 / CP-520A4M)

The Chill Innovation CP-520A4 ATX 2.2 deserves the HARDiNFO Recommended Award because of its amazingly low noise level, its quality and price. It is a very nice product that reeks of quality and design. At the same time the price is very reasonably, making it a very attractive product. English review link / Danish review link
XSReviews SCORE 4.5/5 (CP-520A4 / CP-520A4M)

The Chill Innovation 520W Power Supply is great, and due to its near silence, a joy to use. With a few upgrades and a small power hike, this could be one of the best PSUs around.


The Chill Innovation CP-520A4 520W is a Power Supply with very high power reserves and efficiency, and a 14cm fan which is extremely quiet.

Das Chill Innovation CP-520A4 ist ein schlichtes Netzteil mit hohen Leistungs-reserven. Zudem ist der 14cm Lüfter extrem leise.



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