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Find the best USB charger in the jungle of good offers


If you are looking for the best or just a cheap USB charger / USB Charging Station for your various USB gadgets, there are some important factors to consider when making your choice.

It can be tempting to just go for the cheapest USB charger, but it will often end up being the most expensive in the long run.

USB Chargers with Questionable Safety

The very cheap USB chargers & USB Charging Stations have rarely built in safety features or at best only very basic protection. This can be of vital importance, not only for the USB charger itself, but also for the devices you connect to the USB power supply - and not least your home. A short circuit in the USB charger can cause severe electrical shock, destroying the connected USB gadgets, and even also catches fire.

There will always be some degree of risk when dealing with electricity, but good USB chargers have built-in proper safety protection to reduce risk and damage from short circuits and overheating etc.

Safety features in a good USB charger, are not only designed to protect the USB charger itself, but also to protect all the connected USB devices like smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, GPS, Bluetooth devices etc. as well.

It is generally advised not to buy cheap USB chargers with EU plug from foreign trading platforms, especially from outside the EU. The safety requirements are different in the EU than in Asia and even the US. So even if the USB chargers with EU-plugs are listed with both CE approval and safety features, it is often fake when price is a parameter too.

USB chargers can only be made very cheaply, by reducing safety and real output.

USB Chargers with Doubtful output

The best USB chargers also optimizes and stabilizes the output to the connected USB devices, so charging will be both faster, and more stable. Wear on the batteries and electronics of the connected USB devices is thereby greatly reduced thus extending lifetime too. Something few people think of...

A prerequisite for fast and stable charge is a stable voltage and a correspondingly high output (Ampere). The very cheap USB charging adapters can rarely provide the output they advertise (eg. 2.1A output). In practice they can maybe only deliver half output, for example 1A, so this will actually also double the charging time for all the connected USB gadgets capable of supporting the higher input.

USB Chargers with High efficiency means lower electricity bills

Good USB chargers / USB Charging stations also have a very high energy conversion efficiency (should be over 80%, and if not advertised, it is hardly in the higher range). The higher the efficiency, the less waste / loss / consumption of power is used for converting from 230V to 5V which is the voltage USB based gadgets use.

If you use USB chargers every day, you thereby achieve significant savings on the electricity bills by using more efficient USB power supplies. Since the efficiency is related to the production cost of USB chargers, a cheap / low-end USB power supply will thereby become more expensive to use in electricity due to a lower conversion efficiency.

Size, weight, specifications and price are related

It's pretty easy for manufacturers to advertise with good specifications at a low price. In practice it is difficult for ordinary mortals to assess whether you actually get the specifications you pay for.

As a rule of thumb there is a connection between the physical size / weight vs. specification / price. A small lightweight USB power supply with a fairly high advertised output is inconsistent.

Another rule of thumb says that the operating temperature of the USB power supply is related to the conversion efficiency too, as generated heat equals electricity loss / waste / consumption. So if the USB charger becomes pretty warm at limited output, the efficiency is probably not very high.

Chill USB Chargers offer high quality at low price

Danish Chill Innovation only offer USB chargers in the better range, but thanks to the online distribution form the prices are still very attractive. We emphasize high efficiency, safety functionality and strong and stable output. When USB power chargers basically are relatively cheap to produce, it is simply too stupid to cut corners.

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