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Chill Mini tangentbord för Netflix streaming

You have access to a lot of nice streaming services and you would obviously like to have optimum control of your media center! Here's a guide to some of the different ways of using Netflix with the smart Mini Keyboards from Danish Chill Innovation. 

Sony Playstation 3 / Sony Playstation 4 Netflix on PS3

PlayStation 3 and the newer Playstation 4 is basically really nice streamer boxes. Both the Netflix, ViaPlay and HBO app can deliver HD picture quality and adjusts image quality to your internet connection (what we call adaptive streaming). The main disadvantage of PlayStation 3 is the high power consumption. It has improved in recent versions, as well as the new Playstation 4, but is still fairly high.
Remote: You can use Chill Deltaco Mini Keyboard (2.4G RF with USB dongle). Also bluetooth based keyboards on the Sony PlayStation 3 and Sony Playstation 4. 


 Netflix on Xbox 360

Microsoft Xbox 360 / Xbox One

Xbox 360 / One has its strengths on the streaming front, and Microsoft put in more and more focus on making the Xbox a partial game console and partial streamer box. Just like PlayStation 3/4, the Xbox is also a power hungry beast, and when running it with your TV, you can expect a higher power bill. You can now also enjoy the new Xbox Music service on cross platforms like the PC, Tablet and Phone.
Remote: You can use Chill Deltaco Mini Keyboard (2.4G RF with USB Dongle) with Microsoft Xbox 360 / One.

 Netflix on Wii

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii featured in several studies from the United States, as the most used Netflix streamer box. It is also very suitable as a secondary streamer, wherein the image quality is not the highest priority. It should be understood in the sense that the Wii does not support HD content from Netflix, so you have to settle for low-resolution movies and TV series. In turn, Wii is reasonable power saving.
Remote: You can use Chill Deltaco Mini Keyboard with the 2.4G RF USB dongle (Not certified / tested) on Nintendo Wii.

 Netflix on Apple TVApple TV

Apple TV has been popular for several purposes, not least because you can stream video, images, music and games from an iPad or iPhone directly on your TV screen via AirPlay. Apple TV 4K can deliver the highest possible image quality from Netflix etc., as it supports both adaptive streaming and 4K resolution. In return it uses only a fraction of power and is always on stand-by, so it's ready in seconds.
Remote: Newer Apple TV has support for Bluetooth keyboards. Since no USB port it is not possible to use 2.4G RF Dongle based keyboards.



 Netflix on Boxee

We are sorry that the little crooked Boxee Box is no longer available, as it was a nice streamer box. 
Remote: You can use Chill Deltaco Mini Keyboard - 2.4G RF with USB dongle (Not certified / tested) on Boxee.

 Netflix på WD TV Live

WD TV Live

WD TV Live is available in several versions and never version with many streaming apps. You must get hold of third version, called either "Hub" or "Streaming". If have it, you have an excellent Netflix box that offers good Netflix image quality, virtually no noise and low power consumption 
Remote: You can use Chill Deltaco Mini Keyboard with the 2.4G RF USB dongle (Not certified / tested) on Western Digital TV Live. 


Smart TV

Netflix on Smart TV

Most newer SmartTV's from +2012-2015 usually have decent to very good streaming apps support. Here you can usuallly see Netflix, ViaPlay and HBO etc. directly from the app in the TV. The image quality depends if the Smart TV supports adaptive streaming and the TV resolution. Most recent models do support Full HD / 4K streaming.
Remote: If your SmartTV has USB Keyboard support, then Chill Deltaco Mini Keyboard can also be used. If your SmartTV has built-in Bluetooth HID support (Human Interface Device), Bluetooth based keyboards can also be used.

 Netflix on Blu-Ray player

Blu-ray Players

The situation of Blu-ray players are very diverse. The story is almost the same as that of Smart TV. Most recent models have streaming access. The latest Blu-ray players are often quite legally competent streamer boxes that also eats Blu-ray and DVD discs. The best players delivers top image quality from Netflix and support surround. Power consumption is average. 
Remote: If the Blu-Ray player has USB Keyboard support, then Chill Deltaco Mini Keyboard can also be used. If the Blu-ray player has Bluetooth HID support (Human Interface Device), then Bluetooth based keyboards can also be used. 

PC / Mac

 Netflix on HTPC and Mac

It is of course possible to stream Netflix, ViaPlay, HBO etc. on a PC with Windows or a Mac with OS X. You stream directly via your Internet browser or an App. A PC or Mac can of course also be connected to your TV and act as a media center (HTPC) and there are many different solutions with different interfaces, power consumption, etc. Also note that media centers can be based on different media center software like XBMC, Plex etc. Every have its strengths and drawbacks, but overall they can do much more than just Netflix and a PC is clearly the ultimate solution.
Remote: You can use 2.4G RF based keyboards like Chill Deltaco Mini Keyboard (2.4G RF with USB dongle) and Bluetooth based keyboards like Chill KB-1BT Bluetooth (requires built-in Bluetooth module or USB Bluetooth Dongle). 2.4G RF based keyboards are recommended, since not requiring a driver environment thus will also work in BIOS etc.

 Netflix on iPad and android tablet

Smartphone / tablets

It is of course possible to download a Netflix, ViaPlay and HBO app etc. for your smartphone or tablet, whether in the case of Apple, Android or Windows Phone. The quality is good (compared to the relatively small screens) and uses adaptive streaming, so the quality is automatically adjusted to your Internet connection. Be aware, however, that streaming eats battery pretty fast and be careful not to use Netflix on 3G or 4G, if you have data cap on your subscription.
Remote: You can basically use Chill Deltaco Mini Keyboard, if there is a USB port for the 2.4G RF dongle. Bluetooth keyboards like Chill KB-1BT Bluetooth can be used with iPad/iPhone and various Android & Windows tablets and smartphones that have built-in Bluetooth (with HID support) - then there is no need for a seperate USB Bluetooth Dongle. Check your equipment and the manufacturer's instructions.
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