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Svensk trådlöst Mini tangentbord med pekplatta för all din utrustning!


One Keyboard to Rule Them All
Danish company Chill Innovation A/S has just announced what they call "The ultimate Media Keyboard on the Market". Behind these bold headlines lies a whole new media keyboard which not only support standard computers and HTPC (Home Theater PC) systems, but also most Tablet PCs, PDAs and smartphones like iPad, iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and even Playstation-3, as well as all other devices with Bluetooth HID keyboard support. An 2.4G RF based verison optimized for HTPC, Playstation 3 and even Xbox360 will also be available.

Compact design and high WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor)
Besides an impressive compatibility list, the new Chill Wireless Micro Keyboards do not exactly look like traditional keyboards either. The compact size, which kind of makes you think of a regular TV remote, still holds both a fully functional 71 keys keyboard and an integrated touchpad for easy mouse navigation.

Turn off the light!
As a unique detail, the keyboard also comes with backlit keys for use in darkness. Furthermore, it is even equipped with a quite powerful integrated LED flashlight. Then it hardly gets much easier to operate and to locate your stuff when watching movies or during lectures etc. in the dark.

The keyboard is also equipped with several multimedia keys for easy music and movie navigation. The Touchpad direction can even be rotated, so the keyboard can be held and operated with one hand like an ordinary remote.

For Personal and Business Use
All these features not only make this keyboard a perfect partner for Multimedia and Home Theater use, Emails, Surfing, Apps, Gaming etc., but also for Professional Applications and Presentations. As an option, the keyboard can be delivered with a Laser Pointer instead of the Flashlight.

The Chill Micro Keyboards comes with a small Nano USB Dongle with up to 10 meter range included. It is conveniently integrated into the keyboard for mobility. The Bluetooth Dongle only required for computers without built-in Bluetooth support in advance. The powerful High-Grade Li-Polymer battery contributes not only to the slim size, but also provides up to 30 days of operation.

The keyboards are currently available with Nordic (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland), UK and U.S. layout.

Visit the Chill KB-1BT (Bluetooth) and KB-1RF (2.4G RF) product pages for more information.

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