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3-port USB-lader med LED-skjerm for overvåking av strømforbruk etc.


Danish Chill Innovation have launched a universal 3-port Smart USB charger, which thanks to a built-in LED Display will open up for new possibilities.

With the built-in LED Display, you can now monitor power consumption in realtime (Volt & Ampere) from the connected USB devices. The Chill USB charger will also indicate when there is no longer any power consumption (the device is fully charged) and then automatically power off itself to save power.

Thanks to the LED Display functionality, you can now also determine the performance difference between your cables. The charging time can vary greatly from cable to cable depending on the quality and length. This will now be revealed by the Chill USB charger's LED Display, by the difference in Ampere readings from the various cables. This allows you to easily identify your best cables and reduce your charging times significantly.

For example, if you have a device that can potentially draw max 2A power, but the cable you use will only offer 1A max draw. Then you have more or less doubled the charging time, compared to a better / shorter cable that could have potientially delivered the needed power.

It is always the connected USB device that controls how many amps are pulled from a USB charger - it's never the chargers that control this!. Normally, Ampere draw varies through the entire charging cycle for most products. It is typically lower at low / high battery capacity, as this protects the batteries most. The Chill XBX-06LED 3-port USB charger can deliver a total of 3100mA (3.1A) output, and is therefore also suitable for more power-consuming devices like iPad / tablets etc.

The Smart-IQ system automatically detects and optimizes all connected devices regardless of which product and brand you connect to the USB charger. Therefore, you should never hae to consider if your device supports max 1A or 2A input etc. Also it dows not matter if you connect Apple or Android products etc. With Smart-IQ you can connect all USB based devices. You only need to make sure to never overload the USB charger, and in that case you will now also be warned by the smart LCD Display.

The Chill USB charger will also automatically boost the voltage (~5.1-5.2V) to compensate for loss in the cable and to increase efficiency.

With its high conversion efficiency (~90%), power consumption is also significantly lower than in most standard USB chargers. This will greatly affect your power bill, when the USB chargers are used daily.

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