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Chill SP-1 Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Aluminium Stereo Speaker


Scandinavian Chill Innovation has launched a updated version of the popular Chill SP-1 wireless stereo Bluetooth speaker focusing on latest technology, good specifications and an uncompromising design.

We all get tempted of bargains which, on paper at least, looks very attractive. However in fact we often end up with mediocre products that quickly becomes a dust collector along with everything else that does not really just was the case.

The updated Chill SP-1 Bluetooth 4.0 Aluminum Stereo Speaker is designed to provide that final touch, which makes you actually enjoy using it on a daily basis. Whether it is at home or on the vacation, boat, cottage, festival or work etc.

It's the little details that make a differenceChill SP-1 Bluetooth Speaker Internals
One could have chosen to just use cheap colorful plastic - but instead the design is exclusively done in durable heavy brushed aluminum with tightly woven speaker mesh and a unique black faux leather handle.

One could have chosen to use older Bluetooth technology and low-cos
t components to sell cheap - but instead it features the latest generation CSR Bluetooth 4.1 low energy microchip, a new optimized DSP (Digital Signal Processor ) circuit and latest codecs for near lossless music streaming in highest quality. As a bonus a hands-free Speakerphone with noise suppression filter is added too.

One could have chosen to throw in a mediocre battery, so a standard 3-5 hours of playback could be offered like everybody else do - but instead a highly energy-optimized design together with a powerful A-Grade 2500mAh Li-Polymer battery was implemented to bring up to 25 hours of music on a single quick charge.

One could have chosen to use a cheap standard mono speaker - but instead it is equipped with good Stereo Kevlar composite fiber speakers with Neodymium magnets and a 100mm Passive Bass radiator for better dynamics, a well-balanced sound field and bass frequency response down to 40Hz.

One could have chosen to spend large sums of money to get hot celebrities to endorse the speaker - but instead the Chill SP-1 Bluetooth speaker will speak for itself and suddenly the price becomes much more appealing!

Turn on Chill SP-1 and it will connect automatically to your paired Bluetooth iPhone / Smart Phone, iPad / Tablet or Computer etc. - No complicated setup and cable mess, so just put on your favorite music and chill...

Beware of cheaper versions and copies as often seen on deal sites, eBay & Amazon etc. - They are NOT identical sound- & build quality. They are usually listed with similar or even better specifications, but are actually regular china OEM versions profiting from the unique design itself. The Chill SP-1 Speaker has customized and upgraded electronics, chipset, speakers and battery quality.

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