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Notebook Cooling


Efficient cooling of the computer is essential for stability, performance and durability. This applies just as much to laptop computers.

All laptops have a built-in cooling system, which normally consists of heatsinks and a fan on the processor (CPU) and optionally the graphics card (GPU). Depending on how powerful the machine is, the more the fans operated and the hotter the machine usually become too.

The chassis is pretty hot!

Since laptops are inherently quite compact, this also bring a number of limitations to the cooling system. It is normal that the cabinet become pretty hot, especially on the underside. Although usually equipped with some ventilation slots on the bottom, the heat generally tend to build up anyway. One reason is that hot air is lighter than cold air, and thus rises. This does not fit so well with the need for heat dissipation at the bottom / underside.

The fan constantly speeds up and down!

It is also very normal that you constantly hear that the fans go up and down in speed as the built-in cooling system struggle to keep the temperature down. The core temperature of the processor (CPU), graphics card (GPU) and other devices such as RAM and hard drives for that matter, are increasing dramatically in temperature according to the activity, and it is a challenge for the compact cooling systems.

This varying fan noise can be very annoying to listen to. The physically smaller the fans are, the faster they have to run to move the air, and that makes a lot of high frequent noise!. Physically larger fans typically produce much lower frequency noise, and are thus less irritating in itself.

Your "fast " notebook lowers its own speed!

Especially powerfull notebooks, typically with fast graphics cards for games, tend to become rather hot and quite noisy. You can even sometimes find that the laptop outright crashes during heavy activity.

To compensate for instability most laptops therefore 'throttle' (lower) speed to reduce the heat levels. By lowering the performance of the individual components the laptop will gradually reduce heat for increased stability. However you bought you fast notebook to get high performance, right?

Get rid of the heat and the noise and improve performance!

With a good notebook / laptop cooler you can get rid of excessive heat and even achieve a more silent computer. However, there are many bad notebook / laptop coolers on the market with virtually no cooling effecti, and which will just add more noise polution. A good rule of thumb would be to go for a notebook / laptop cooler with a bigger fan(s), thus covering a larger part of the machine. Alternatively, one with a physically smaller fan, which in return can be placed right at your computers hot-spot .

Typically, Laptop coolers with smaller fans are cheaper, and often they do not have the ability to adjust the speed either. You will probably never be happy with these!.

ChillDesk Notebook / Laptop Cooling Stands from Danish Chill Innovation A/S are among the most popular on the market. In addition to having good and quiet cooling performance, they also provide an opportunity to improve ergonomics.

There is no reason to put up with a hot and noisy laptop that actually slows down when you need it most.

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