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FAQ: Chill Stealth & Urban Stöldsäker Ryggsäck / Väska


I can not remember the lock-code to my Chill Stealth backpack?

That was not so good, but luckily there is hope ahead! On Youtube you can find various video guides on how to reset / identify the lock-code on suitcases / bags using the same style lock-code. They are of mixed quality, but this one show the method fairly well:

Once you have identified the code and opened it, you can set a new code if desired: Pull the button out to the right, set your preferred code, and release the button again. The new code is now set.

A tip for choosing a code to remember could be your height ;-)

How do I make a new code on the Chill Stealth bag?

The code lock is factory set to 0-0-0, and should be changed to a personal selected code. You may choose your height or something you can easily remember:

- Set the code lock to 0-0-0 (or what you previously set the code to)
- Press the button outwards and hold it in this position.
- Set the code lock to a new desired combination.
- Release the button again and the new code is now set.

Does the Chill Stealth / Urban backpack protect against knife slashing / cutting?

Yes, the Chill Stealth & Urban bags are equipped with 'Fiberfoam' layers inside which both insulate and protect against shocks, as well as making it difficult to easily slash / cut-up the bag with a knife. The fiberfoam layers are located inside the actual bag, and the surface of the bags are made of heavy-duty water repellent textile and PU protein leather. Cutting and slashing the bag may obviously damage the textile and leather surface etc., but the fiberfoam layer design will significantly reduce the risk of any quick and easy access to the actual contents of the bag.

The likelihood that pickpockets use knives to cut-up bags must generally be considered small. Pickpockets will usually choose to skip theft-proof bags, and instead focus on easier-to-access bags and targets. Skilled Pickpockets typically enter through openings / zippers, and the code lock will prevent this.

Is the Chill Stealth / Urban bag water repellent?

Yes, the bags are made of water repellent textile and PU protein leather. In case of heavy rain, water will always eventually find its way through sewers and zippers etc. If using the Chill Stealth Backpack during rain and snow, it is recommended to use the optional Rain Cover for enhanced protection.

Is Chill Stealth / Urban really also thermal insulated?

Yes, the whole bag is sewn in multiple layers of textile and enclosed with our unique insulating fiberfoam layer. Thus, the bag can keep your food and drinks hot/cold longer. It is recommended to freeze 1-2 bottles of water and put them in the big side pockets of Chill Stealth, so you can enjoy cold water on your journey.

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