135-140mm Blæser m/ RPM monitor til ATX Strømforsyninger

135mm & 140mm Blæser til bl.a Chill CP-520M, CP-700M og CP-1000M strømforsyninger 

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135mm eller 140mm støjsvag blæser som passer til bl.a. Chill CP-520M, CP-700M eller CP-1000M ATX strømforsyninger.

Husk, at oplyse PSU model navn samt S/N nummer ved bestilling, da blæserne ikke er identiske for de 3 modeller.

Udskiftning af blæser bør kun foretages af teknisk kyndige personer og sker på eget ansvar.
Højspæningsfare - Husk at afbryde strømmen og sikrer at kondendatorerne er afladt inden indgreb.
Undgå at røre ved vinger og motor, da dette kan forårsage ubalance i blæseren.


Chill Innovation ATX Power Supplies: 

Will the Chill Power Supplies increase my system temperature due to the virtually silent operation?
No, our heat dissipation technology is superior to most conventional Power Supplies and will actually help reducing your system temperature and improve case airflow. Other Silent PSU's will have a higher chassis- and operating temperature and less good airflow, due to the reduced fan speed. Then you would just need additional case fans, that in return will result in higher noise levels. Pointless!

Does the Chill Power Supplies fit all computer cases and motherboards?
The latest Chill Power Supply series fit all cases and motherboards complying with the ATX 2.x standard. Older hardware, typically from before year 2003-2005, might be based on the older out phased ATX1.x standard featuring other specifications and a -5V rail among others. Check your documentation for requirements / compliance. Most of our older models features ATX1.3 compliance including a -5V rail (check output specifications / PSU label), but these models are no longer in production since mid 2006.

All of our 'Modular' based Power Supplies comes with extended 20/24-pin Main-ATX and ATX12V/EPS12V cable length, in order to offer better support for PC cases with bottom mounted Power Supply.

How does the RPM Monitor feature works?
Your motherboard has to support this feature. Connect the signal cable from the PSU to a 3-pin POWER/CASE FAN plug on the motherboard. Monitor software should be supplied with the motherboard or 3rd party. With this feature you will be able to monitor the fan speed of the built-in fan to ensure it is running properly and to get an idea of your current load/temperature conditions inside.

Can I count on the Voltages readings provided by the Mainboard/BIOS?
No, not at all unfortunately!. The only way to get accurate voltage readings is to use a good Multimeter / Voltmeter. It is not unusual the motherboard probe readings will differ up to +/- 1V from the actual rating.

Can I count on my 'Energy meter' when measuring PC Power / Standby consumption?
Unfortunately, most cheaper 'Energy meters' cannot measure inductive load from Switch Mode based products correctly. Computer Power Supplies, as well as most other modern home electronics like televisions, DVD / Blue-ray players, game consoles etc. are based on Switch Mode technology. On such products you will get incorrect Watt readings, especially for lower loads, such as Standby consumption.

Make sure your 'Energy meter' has inductive / Switch Mode support in order to get correct readings. However it does take expensive PRO equipment for fully accurate readings on Switch Mode based products.

All current Chill Power Supply models only have 0,4 - 0,9W Standby consumption. Please notice, that your motherboard and connected USB devices etc. also might have a standby consumption. You can normally adjust BIOS/jumper settings to prevent USB ports to be powered during standby and also disable Ethernet features like Wake-On-Lan (WOL) etc. which require standby power.

The Spar-O-Meter from the Danish Energy Saving trust can measure inductive load to some extend. 

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135-140mm Blæser m/ RPM monitor til ATX Strømforsyninger

135mm & 140mm Blæser til bl.a Chill CP-520M, CP-700M og CP-1000M strømforsyninger 

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