Chill 3-port USB billader, 5V/5.1A (25W), Smart-IQ, CE

- Universal 3-Port USB Billader
- 12V & 24V DC sigarettenner support
- 5.1A / 5100mA total output
Smart-IQ Auto Deteksjon
- Også egnet for iPhone og iPad
- Intelligent sikkerhetskrets
- Godkjent for Europa og Skandinavia

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Bruke bilen til å lade ulike USB-enheter med denne Chill 3-Ports USB billader / adapter.
Bare koble den til bilens sigarettenner, og så får du 3x USB-porter (5100mA / 5.1A total Output)

Triple USB Billader:
- Kobles til 12V/24V DC sigarettenner
- Lad opp 3 USB-baserte enheter samtidig (5100mA / 5.1A total output)
- Chill Smart-IQ Auto Deteksjon
- Også kompatibel med Apple iPhone, Apple iPod og Apple iPad
- Sikkerhetskrets beskytter bilen og USB-enheter.
- Godkjent for bruk i EU og Skandinavia.

Modell: XBX-012A
Type: USB Car Charger
Egenskaper: 3x USB Output, Smart-IQ
Kapasitet: 3x USB-port
Output: DC 5V 5.1A (max)
Input: DC 12V-24V (Cigaret Outlet)
Beskyttelse: Yes
Materiale: ABS
Operating Temperature: 5°C to 45°C
Storage Temperature: 5°C to 35°C
Operating Humidity: Max 85%, non-condensing
Emballasjemål (H x B x D): 140 x 100 x 35 mm
Vekt (netto): 30g
Vekt (brutto - inkl. Pakking): 51g
Sikkerhet / Standarder: CE, FCC, RoHS
Pakking / Inkludert: Blister

FAQ: USB chargers

How powerful USB charger should I use with my equipment?

It's always the connected USB devices which control how much power it will draw from a USB charger - not the other way around. So you can not buy a too powerful USB charger, thus damaging the equipment.

The more powerful USB charger, the more power the attached devices will also be able to draw, and thus obtain the potentially fastest charging time.

If a USB device is designed for maximum Max 1A input, it will not be able to draw more than this, just because you connect it to 2A based USB charger instead. However, there are big differences in quality of USB chargers (and cables), so by using a better / stronger USB charger you wil ensure it actually also have enough power available. Secondly the conversion efficiency is also typically better, in better/stronger chargers, so it will overall also lower the electricity bill.

Many standard / cheaper USB chargers specified for example with 1A/2A Output will in real life only be able to deliver 70-80% of this. So by using a stronger quality USB charger instead (eg. With 2.4A/3.4A output), the attached devices will thus able to draw it's full potiential, and thereby actually charge 20-30% ​​faster.

What is Chill Smart IQ?

Apple products do not follow the regular USB standard and therefore USB chargers needs to be optimized for either Apple products or others, like Android. This limits the functionality significantly.

With the Chill Smart-IQ system the connected devices will be automatically detected as Apple or Non-Apple, and thus all USB devices will have full functionality on any available USB ports. 

For example the Chill 6-port charger offer 10A output and Smart-IQ. So this means you can connect any type of USB based device to any given port, and they can freely draw the needed currenct within the available capacity.

My Apple device say "not charging" when I use it with non-Apple chargers?

It is normal for Apple products depending on model, IOS version, cable etc. to say "not charging" when non-Apple chargers / cables / power bank etc. are detected. Apple primarily want you to use their own products only. However they should still be able to be charged!

Does charging time differ?

It is always the connected devices that control how much power they draw from a USB charger - NOT the charger that controls how much power delivered to the device.

One should actually just make sure that the USB charger has enough available power (Ampere output) for the connected device(s). If a USB charger can not actually deliver the needed power, the charging will thus also take longer.

In addition, cable length and quality also affect results. It is NOT given that USB cables can deliver the full potentiall needed by the  attached device.

No products will draw their maximum input power during a full charging cycle. This fluctuates with the battery capacity (typically only high power between the 30-70% battery), cable quality and length, temperature / air humidity and other conditions they might be designed for.

So charging time can vary according to the conditions. Typically mainly fluctuates based on remaining battery capacity and cable used (if you use different cables, you might notice different results). Last but not least, many cheap / no-name USB chargers are not able to deliver their specifified output ratings.

When should I consider a Quick Charge capable USB charger?

Your equipment should be decidedly Qualcomm Quick Charge compliant to charge faster on a Quick Charge charger. Check your documentation on your various devices (Many newer hi-end Smartphones support Quick Charge).

Quick Charge 3.0 is the latest and fastest standard. It is backward compatible with earlier versions, so you will therefore always be able to achieve the best results with a QC3.0 Charger. A Quick Charge USB charger can also charge ordinary - non QC compatible - USB devices.

Notice: Not all QC3.0 USB chargers supports dynamic voltage and therefore not optimal. All Chill's QC.30 compatible chargers can automatically regulate the voltage between 3.8V-12V and thereby offer optimal/faster charging conditions.

Why should I buy a Chill USB charger?

USB chargers are available in many grades and price points. It is basically not products which people care much about, despite typically used daily. Therefore, most USB chargers are made with a focus on price, and that means they typically compromise on performance, conversion efficiency and safety features.

Chill USB chargers always focus on performance / ratings and ultra high conversion efficiency (which lower the energy bill), as well as extended safety and functionality.

If you use a USB charger daily, then a Chill USB Charger could quickly pay for itself, due to a electricity savings. They all offer a higher conversion efficiency compared to most original / cheap / no-name USB chargers.

USB chargers are basically cheap to produce, so we think it is simply foolish to cut corners just to save a few bucks. The price difference between a cheap / poor USB charger and a high-quality real rated USB charger with good safety is minimal.

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Chill 3-port USB billader, 5V/5.1A (25W), Smart-IQ, CE

- Universal 3-Port USB Billader
- 12V & 24V DC sigarettenner support
- 5.1A / 5100mA total output
Smart-IQ Auto Deteksjon
- Også egnet for iPhone og iPad
- Intelligent sikkerhetskrets
- Godkjent for Europa og Skandinavia

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