Chill 2900mAh USB PowerBank, PB-2900

- 2900mAh kapasitet
- A Grade Lithium-ion Polymer celler
- Smart LED viser batteri og lading status
- Høy konvertering effektivitet
- Safety Protection Circuit
- Kompakt og lett design (12mm/75g)
- Input: Micro USB (5V DC / 1A maks)
- Output: USB 2.0 (5V DC / 1A maks)

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PB-2900W (White)
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Den nye Chill PB-2900 PowerBank 2900mAh er en bærbar USB-batteri for lading av mobiltelefon / smarttelefon og andre enheter som GPS, Bluetooth høyttalere, Bluetooth headset, spillkonsoller osv. - Bare koble enheten til USB-porten, og du ha alltid ekstra kraft på farten...

Chill PB-2900 Power Bank er utstyrt med A-Grade Lithium-Ion Polymer celler for lang levetid og høy kvalitet - og til en svært attraktiv pris!. Med 2900mAh kapasitet er der nok strøm for å lade en iPhone. Det robuste og kompakte 12mm design med en vekt på bare 75g, gjør Chill PB-2900 svært portabel.

Chill PB-2900 Power Bank er også utstyrt med en intelligent sikkerhetskrets som sikrer pålitelig drift under de fleste forhold. De innebygde LED indikerer gjenværende batterikapasitet.

Chill PB-2900 USB Power Bank 2900mAh (hvit)
Micro-USB kabel

Type: A-Grade Li-ion Polymer
Kapasitet: 2900mAh / 3.7V, Li-Polymer
Output: USB A - DC 5V/1A (max)
Input: Micro USB B - 5V DC / 1A max
Charging time: ~ 2-4 hours
Rechargeable: ≤ 500 times
Capacity indicators: 4x Smart LED (~25%, ~50%, ~75%, ~100%)
Power Save Controller: Near Zero Self-discharge / Auto Power off
Protection: Short Circuit, Over Current, Over Charging
Material: Polished Acrylic Mirror/Zinc Alloy/Aluminum
Operating Temperature: -10°C to 45°C
Storage Temperature: -10°C to 45°C
Operating Humidity: Max 85%, non-condensing
Product Dimensions (H x W x D): 93 x 57 x 12 mm
Weight: 75g
Safety / Compliance: CE, FCC, RoHS

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Chill 2900mAh USB PowerBank, PB-2900

- 2900mAh kapasitet
- A Grade Lithium-ion Polymer celler
- Smart LED viser batteri og lading status
- Høy konvertering effektivitet
- Safety Protection Circuit
- Kompakt og lett design (12mm/75g)
- Input: Micro USB (5V DC / 1A maks)
- Output: USB 2.0 (5V DC / 1A maks)

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Just what I needed

Had a few misses with some cheaper PowerBanks, which did not work very well. I was then recommended Chill and took a gamble on the PB-2900.
I finally have a good quality PowerBank which can fast charge my phone. I am impressed with the pocket size and weight.

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God Li-Polymer Powerbank til en lav pris

Jeg gik specifikt efter en billig PowerBank med Li-Polymer batteri, da disse er fladere og bedre. Mange af de andre billige Powerbanks har bare et alm. AA genoladeligt Li-ion batteri indeni, så de er ikke meget værd.

PB-2900 er flad og vejer ikke meget, så kan nemt have den med mig i lommen. Den kan fint oplade min Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, så det var lige det jeg skulle bruge.

Kunne godt tænke mig endnu mere kapacitet, men så var størrelse, vægt og ikke mindst pris jo nok også fulgt med :-)

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       Chill PB-2900 External USB Battery Pack PowerBank

2900mAh USB PowerBank Battery Pack

The Chill PB-2900 Power Bank is a portable USB battery pack with 2900mAh capacity for charging your smartphone and gadgets anywhere and anytime you like.
Designed in Denmark to not only look good, but also to offer superior quality and lowest possible size for perfect mobility.

Bring it with you when you travel, and you will always have the extra juice your precious devices crave.

Ultra-Slim and Compact Design

The Chill PowerBank PB-2900 comes in a modern ultra-slim (12mm) and light-weight (75g) design, so it can easily fit in your pocket or purse.
With this 2900mAh Battery Pack you will triple the capacity of most modern Smartphones (iPhone 4S/5 has 1430mAh built-in).
Just connect your various USB devices like iPhone / Smartphone, GPS, travel Speakers, PSP, Bluetooth devices etc. to the Chill USB PowerBank to start charging / power it.
   Chill PB-2900B Black PowerBank USB battery Pack
A-Grade Li-Ion Polymer battery Cells inside

A-Grade Li-Ion Polymer Battery Cells inside

The Chill PB-2900 USB Power Bank is equipped with selected A-Grade Lithium-Ion Polymer cells inside in order to provide very high performance, durability and quality.
The battery cells are the most important components in a Battery Pack, but also the most expensive parts. 
So unfortunately many makers choose to use cheap 2nd hand cells, 2nd sorting cells, outdated formula designs and even fake rate the mAh capacity in order to sell cheaper.

Intelligent Power Management IC

The intelligent 'Power Management' IC make sure you get the most out of your Chill Power Bank as posible!
It offers a very high conversion efficiency (~90%), so as little power as possible is consumed during the transfer process into your various devices.
it has a Full Protection Circuit so your Chill PowerBank can remain reliable in all kinds of working conditions.
Chill PB-2900W White USB PowerBank
Chill PB-2900 USB PowerBank LED

Smart LEDs will show battery status 

The Chill PB-2900 USB PowerBank is equipped with Smart LEDs which conveniently show you the estimated battery capacity left and charging status.
An Auto Power Off feature will automatically turn off the PowerBank itself when there is no attached devices being detected.
It has very low self-discharge, so battery cells do not deplete easily when not in use. This is a major issue with low quality PowerBanks, as they cannot maintain its capacity inside very long.

USB Cable with changeable tips

The Chill PB-2900 Power Bank comes with a convenient USB cable with changeable tips/adaptersfor easy charging your various portable devices and the PowerBank itself.
Standard included are Apple 30-pin, Nokia, Micro-USB and Mini-USB tips. Additional tips/adapters are can be purchased seperately if needed. You can also use your regular USB charging cables.
The Power Bank can be charged from any USB-port, but it is recommended to use a USB Power Supply (5A/1A max) for faster charging.
Chill PB-2900 PowerBank for charging iPhone, Smartphone, GPS, Bluetooth devices etc.

Which Power Bank capacity (mAh) should I choose?
The Capacity (mAh) is also related to the size and weight of the Power Bank, so bigger capcacity also means bigger size and weight.

How many times you can charge your devices depends partly of the PowerBank capacity (mAh), set against the battery capacity (mAh) of the devices you want to charge. Smartphone batteries typically have between 1300-2500mAh capacity. More powerful devices such as iPad / Tablets are normally between 6000-12000mAh. You can usually find the battery capacity (mAh) ratings on your various devices, in the manual / manufacturer documentation.

For example the iPhone 5 has a 1440mAh battery, so divided up with a 12000mAh Power Bank, will theoretically give you 8 full recharges.

However it also consumes energy to actually transfer / convert the power - both in the Power Bank and the recipient device. Secondly, there is also a natural loss in the cables and factors such as temperature, humidity, and not least wear on both ends come in to play.

In other words, you can not just divide the PowerBank capacity with the devices battery capacity. A rule of thumb says that about 20% goes to the above.

Finally, one should also remember that if the device is ON while beeing charged, it also means up to double power consumption. In this case the Power Bank both have to charge the battery and keep the device operated at the same time.

A cheap / inferior / standard Power Bank will typically have a significantly poorer energy efficiency than a Chill Power Bank. Secondly fake rated PowerBanks are very common in the market.  All Chill Power Bank is specified with real capacity indication.

I tried a Power Bank in a different brand with fairly poor performance. Is Chill any different / better?
The two most expensive parts in a Power Bank is the battery cells and the Microchip (optimization and safety). The battery cells constitute up to 80% of the production cost. If a manufacturer will sell cheap power bank, then it is here to save!

So the majority of cheap standard Power Bank on the market are therefore either equipped with cheap battery cells, poor security / energy optimization and / or even with fake rated capacity (mAh). It's incredibly easy for a manufacturer to make a nice design, put 5000-8000mAh cheap / low cells in it, and indicate and sell it as 10000-12000mAh. How will you confirm you've got the listed capacity?

Chill PowerBanks only use handpicked premium A-Grade cells from highly renowned battery cell manufacturers (Samsung, LG, BAK, TCP, Sanyo, Panasonic etc.). Secondly ALL models ar equipped with energy-optimized micro-chip control and safety. So the Chill Power Banks have virtually no self-discharge and will retain its capacity much longer. 

Obviously they might cost a bit extra, but it pays off. You get a much better price vs performance ratio - like with other energy A rated appliances.

Will the Chill PowerBanks support my devices?
Chill PowerBank works with all equipment capable og being charged via USB. Virtually all modern Smartphones and iPad / Tablets, cameras, GPS devices, Bluetooth devices etc. is using one of the various USB connectors for charging. If you already use a USB charger / power supply with your devices, then you can also fit your regular USB cable in the Chill Power Bank instead.

The PowerBank itself is also beeing recharged via USB (micro-USB). Just connect it to your ordinary USB charger / power supply which came included with your Smarthpone / Tablet, a USB port in your computer or any other USB charging source / power supply (sold separately).

The capacity estimation seems a bit inaccurate?
The capacity calculation in a Power Bank works by measuring the internal battery voltage (high capacity = higher voltage and vice versa).

So for optimal capacity usage, the electronics need to know the battery cells current full and empty levels. This is normally measured continuously during full charge/discharge cycles (Full cycles are not required for daily use with a Chill Powerbank)

For the same reason, maximum capacity usage is only achieved after 3-5 full cycles when new! Also Actual capacity is gradually affected over time when used etc.

If you expericence the capacity estimation seem a bit imprecise, it is basically just a matter of during a full cycle for calibration. You can follow this approach:

Manual Calibration:
- Discharge the Power Bank completely
- Fully recharge the Power Bank (until LED / LCD Display does not blink)
- Disconnect the charging cable for a few seconds and reconnect it to charge again. After a moment the LED / LCD will again be fully lit

The Power Bank is now calibrated and can be used normally again.

How long is the lifespan of a Power Bank?
A Power Bank is basically a Li-ion or Li-Polymer based battery wrapped in electronics, which then enables use via USB standard.

The lifespan of the batteries themselves depends largely on the cell quality, but alsoon the operating conditions.

Cheap / standard Power Bank also have cheaper cells inside, and then the lifespan can vary from a few months to 1-2 years. Does it have reasonable battery cells, they should be able to cope with 200-300 charge / cycles).

Better Power Banks, like Chill Innovation, are designed to deliver more than 500 charge / cycles and will typically still have 50-85% capacity remaining after this. Depending on the use and conditions a lifespan of 2-5 years is then to be expected.

Operating conditions have a crucial effect on the lifespan though, so you must follow these guidelines to maximize the life:

- Use the USB Power Bank regularly! Minimum one full cycle every 3 months is recommended*
- Never store your USB Power Bank in a depleted state.
- Do not use your USB Power Bank in very high humidity and heat / direct sunlight conditions.

(*Cheaper / inferior Power Bank typically requires to be used more often)


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