Chill Fusion - Ny nordisk utvidbar dataveske og ryggsekk i resirkulert plast!

Chill Fusion - Ny nordisk utvidbar dataveske og ryggsekk i resirkulert plast!

Chill Innovation A/S has launched a smart new versatile and expandable computer bag and backpack in one - made from recycled PET plastic bottles!

Chill Fusion - A bag for both Business & Pleasure

The Chill Fusion bag can both function as a regular backpack - but also be rotated, and function as a classic attache / computer bag. The padded carrying straps can be easily concealed and there are also comfortable padded carrying handles on both sides.

The Chill Fusion bag can also be significantly expanded in volume (10cm additional depth) depending on your needs. This makes the bag quite versatile, as the storage needs fluctuate. In addition to daily commuter, work and leisure use, the bag is also suitable as aircraft cabinet bag, weekend travel bag and Gamer/LAN bag etc. thanks to the expandable volume.

Chill Fusion - Innovative Backpack design!

The Chill Fusion bag and backpack have many compartments, pockets and exciting details all around. The Chill Fusion bag has space for a ≤17" laptop plus a tablet PC in a dedicated compartment - shielded from theft / pickpockets.

The bag also has a smart "wet compartment" for e.g. toiletries, so liquids can be isolated from your other contents. The bag can also be opened up in several convenient levels, and even fully open (180°) for easy access to the contents.

The Chill Fusion backpack has also been equipped with an external USB port, where you can easily charge your Smartphone and other USB devices (via a regular USB Powerbank you can connect inside the bag). The Chill Fusion bag can also easily be attached to a trolley / suitcase handle when traveling with additional luggage.

The Chill Fusion bag is also water repellent. The exterior zippers are even further encapsulated for optimum protection against the elements.

Chill Fusion - Bag made of recycled PET plastic bottles!

The Chill Fusion bag is uniquely made from recycled PET plastic bottles which have been crushed and processed into new sewing threads / materials / textiles. This contributes up to 75% CO2 reduction compared to traditionally produced bags.

An extremely versatile, spacious and durable bag with innovative features in a stylish modern Scandinavian design.

Publiceret den 25.02.2020 af Chill Vesker & Ryggsekker 248

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