Chill KB-1BT Wireless Bluetooth Micro Keyboard (UK)

- English keyboard layout (UK)
- Ultra-slim Bluetooth Mini Keyboard
- Integrated Touchpad for easy mouse control
- Backlighted keys for typing in the dark
- Built-in LED Flashlight
- Easy Access Multimedia function keys.
- Rechargeable A-Grade Li-Polymer Battery
- Nano USB Bluetooth dongle included
- Windows 10 support!

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The Chill KB-1BT UK Wireless Bluetooth Micro Keyboard with Touchpad is the ultimate partner for your computer, HTPC, iPad / Tablet PC, Smartphone (iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile), Sony PlayStation, SmartTV and all other devices supporting Bluetooth HID Keyboards.

This compact and slim Micro Keyboard does not take up much space and yet offers very convenient typing capabilities and unique features.

It comes with an integrated Touchpad for easy mouse control. It has Backlighted keys for typing in low light and even features an integrated LED Flashlight, so you can easily locate your stuff when watching movies or during presentations etc.

With the integrated Multimedia function keys you can easily control your home entertainment. You can even change the direction of the touchpad, so you can operate the Keyboard like a regular remote control.

The rechargeable A-Grade Li-Polymer battery offer up to 720 hours of operation. An indicator will even tell you in advance, when it is getting time for a quick recharge.

The Keyboard has an operation radius up to 10 meter and comes with a free Bluetooth Nano USB Dongle included for computers without built-in Bluetooth support. The Keyboard also easily connects to existing Bluetooth modules/dongles for even better integration and/or operating range (also Bluetooth 4.x support).

This keyboard comes with English keyboard layout!

Package Content:
Micro Keyboard
USB Bluetooth Nano Dongle
Dummy Dongle Cover
Mini-USB Power cable
Quick Start Guide

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, Mac & Linux-based PCs, Notebooks & Tablets.
Apple iOS 4.0+
Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5
Nokia Symbian
Google Android
Sony Playstation 3 & 4
SmartTV (with Bluetooth HID keyboard support)
All other devices with built-in support for Bluetooth HID keyboards.

* The keyboard and software have been tested and certified on all software platforms within the compatibility list. However it is beyond our control if the individual hardware manufacturers limit the support for 3rd party devices in their products. Because of the large number of devices available in the market, we therefore cannot guarantee that this keyboard will work on your particular hardware configuration. For example, certain HTC Smartphones do not support Bluetooth HID (Human Interface Device), and therefore cannot use Bluetooth Keyboards etc. by default, even though based on Google Android OS.

Data sheet
Type: Bluetooth 2.0
Range: ≤ 10 meter (without obstacles)
Input: Micro USB B - 5V DC / 1A max
Operating time: Up to 720 hours
Charging time: ~ 1-2 hours
Rechargeable: ≤ 500 times
Capacity indicators: LED
Power Save Controller: Auto Standby
Protection: Short Circuit, Over Current, Over Charging
Material: ABS
Operating Temperature: 5°C to 45°C
Storage Temperature: 5°C to 45°C
Operating Humidity: Max 85%, non-condensing
Product Dimensions (H x W x D): 61 x 155 x 12 mm
Weight (Net): 102g
Safety / Compliance: CE, FCC, RoHS
Chill Micro Keyboard

Compact & Ultra-Slim Mini Keyboard!

The KB-1BT wireless Bluetooth Micro keyboard is designed to easily fit your hands in style with a regular remote control.

Yet it offers a full functioning 71 keys Keyboard with backlight, and an integrated Touchpad for easy mouse control.

Multiple Platform Support!

This innovative mini Keyboard is the perfect partner for use on many kind of platforms, where a fully featured keyboard would come in handy.

Use it with your Tablet PC (iPad / iPad2, New iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Asus Transformer, Xoom, Eee etc.) with your Smartphone (iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile), Sony Playstation 3 and any other devices with Bluetooth HID support.

Surfing, chat, e-mails, apps and even gaming on your Tablet and Smartphone just got so much better...

Chill KB-1BT Bluetooth Micro Keyboard with Touchpad

Chill KB-1BT Bluetooth Micro Keyboard with Touchpad  

Great for both business & pleasure!

Multimedia keys like Play, Pause, Stop, Forward, Reverse, Volume and Mute etc. are conveniently integrated for multimedia and HTPC use.

You can even rotate the Touchpad direction, so you can hold and operate the Keyboard single handed, like a regular remote control style.

The cleverly placement of the Left/Right mouse and Page Up/Page Down buttons truly makes this the ultimate HTPC Keyboard! This way You can fast and easily scroll through menus/pages and make your selections with your thumbs only.

Use it for presentations as well, where you can easily control you Power Point and Multimedia applications.

A modified edition with built-in Laser Pointer (instead of Flashlight) is also available.

Everything you need - in one device!

You get a fully featured Keyboard with a high sensitivity Touchpad, which takes up far less space than regular keyboards & mouse.

The Mini Keyboard has backlighted Keys so you can easily operate it in the dark.

You even get an integrated LED Flashlight, so you can easily locate your stuff when watching movies or during presentations etc.

The powerful rechargeable Li-Polymer battery provides up to 30 days of operation with the built-in automatic Power-Save mode.

The sleek and easy to use design offers a high WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) without compromising on features.

Chill KB-1BT Bluetooth Micro Keyboard with Touchpad

Chill KB-1BT Bluetooth Micro Keyboard with Touchpad

USB Nano Bluetooth Dongle included!

The Mini keyboard comes with a ultra-small Bluetooth Dongle included. The operation radius is up to 10 meter.

The Dongle is conveniently integrated into the keyboard for easy portability.

If your computer / device already has Bluetooth technology built-in, you do not need to use the included Dongle. The keyboard will work with your existing bluetooth module.

Function Keys

With the 'Function Keys' you do not only get access to the many unique Keyboard features, but also the ability to use all the less commonly used characters present on regular full-sized keyboards.

This way you do not sacrifice any important characters you might need, but still get a more conveniently sized media keyboard.

Say hello to the Ultimate Micro Keyboard!

Chill KB-1BT Bluetooth Micro Keyboard with Touchpad

Chill Micro Keyboard FAQ:

How do I get the best operating range?
To get the best possible operating range and less lag, you should consider the following:

- The included Bluetooth Dongle and most standard built-in BT modules offer basic signal strength and are more sensitive to radio interference from other equipment.
- Wireless signals do not travel well through obstacles (especially metal). Try to keep the dongle visible.
- All other wireless radio signals in the air like DECT Phones, Wi-Fi Routers, Doorbells, baby monitors, LED/Plasma TV, Keyboard/Mouse, Microwaves etc. will all cause interference lowering the signal quality and thereby range. 

To improve signal strength and range further you can upgrade to a good quality Class 1 rated Bluetooth Dongle instead for the KB-1BT.

(Even though Class 1 is specified up to 100 mtr. range, you will not achieve such in real life. However it should give you some extra meters and/or a stronger signal with less lag).

The Signal quality and range are determined by the Bluetooth host/dongle, not the Keyboard itself.

I cannot activate the Android driver software on my older HTC Android device?
The Android driver software are only needed for older Android 2/3 devices. Newer devices will connect through the regular Bluetooth settings.

Unfortunately HTC have a problem with the Bluetooth HID implementation on older models with HTC Sense (ex. HTC Desire, Desire HD, Desire S, Desire Z etc.), so no Bluetooth HID based devices will currently work on these.

The limitation is not related to the Keyboard or Android, or even the HTC Device itself - but to the HTC Sense software/ROM installed. The problem also affects all other Bluetooth HID devices you might try to connect.

Please check with your vendor if your Android Device support the Bluetooth HID Profile or can be updated with proper support.

How can I customize Android keyboard/mouse settings to my preference?
Android 3.x/4.x have USB Keyboard/mouse support out-of-the-box, but options for customization is fairly limited. Secondly, many Android Device manufactures tend to modify and/or limit the capabilities within Google Android.

By using a 3rd party app such as: "External Keyboard Helper Pro" from Google Play store, you can expand the keyboard/mouse capabilitites within your Android Device. Choose your desired Keyboard language, and in 'Advanced settings' activate 'Detect USB Keyboard'. Depending on your Android device you might also want to add a 'Detection Delay' of for example 4 seconds.

There is also a free demo of External Keyboard Helper available for testing purposes (Spacebar will add Demo message everytime pressed) as well as documentation/tutorial. Chill have no relations to this App.

How can I customize Windows keyboard/mouse settings to my preference?
Keyboard and Mouse (touchpad) settings are soley controlled by the host (windows) built-in settings and capabilities. Here you can typically adjust mouse/touchpad sensitivity, click speed, scroll speed etc.

If using a regular mouse together with a touchpad keyboard simultaneously, you often might prefer different settings for both. If individual settings are not supported by the host / software, you can try to use 3rd party apps such as "EitherMouse" to override various limitations.

Do Chill Micro keyboards also work with Mac products?
The Chill KB-1RF Mini Keyboard will work with any Mac product, which support regular USB Keyboard & mouse (not suited for iPhone/iPad). For KB-1BT Bluetooth Mini Keyboard you should be able to connect this if your Mac have built-in Bluetooth HID support (suited for iPhone/iPad, but notice that iOS does not have any mouse support, and thereby also the Touchpad). Not all Mac products will detect the included USB Bluetooth dongle though, so KB-1RF might be the safer choice for Mac Mini / Pro.

Mac uses slightly different key mapping for certain keys compared to PC. If you want to fully control the keyboard layout you can use a free 3rd party utility such as DoubleCommand.

How does the Chill Micro Keyboards differ from cheaper alternatives?
The Chill Micro keyboards comes with high quality components, so even though it might look fairly similar to other alternatives - it is not!

The Chill Micro Keyboards are equipped with a A-Grade Lithium-Polymer battery adopted from hi-end Cell phone industry. This gives you longer lasting power and the ability to charge it whenever you like (does not need to be fully depleted for better results). Secondly, and more importantly - Cheaper batteries have a very short lifetime. Even after a few re-charges they will start to degrade rapidly.

The Chill Micro Keyboards also comes with high quality Radio/Bluetooth chips offering superior communication range/stability compared to cheaper alternatives.

Finally the Chill Micro Keyboards are also equipped with high quality capacitors and LED's etc. for longer lasting operation and better overall experience.

So it is up to you to decide, if you are looking for a cheap gadget or a high quality Micro Keyboard intended to be used?!

Does the Chill Micro Keyboard has any Home Theater (HTPC) advantages over regular keyboards?
Yes, besides the compact design the Keyboard also have some unique design features optimized for HTPC use:

- When you use it as a HTPC remote, you normally do not need to navigate a mouse cursor, but need to navigate within menus of the Media software. This explains the left/right mouse placement!:

Our design will function much better, as the Mouse buttons works as selection buttons with left hand (or a right hand tap on the Touchpad), and the Touchpad and Page Down/Up then slides through pages/menus. Thereby you can operate much faster and very easy with your two thumbs.

- The ability to rotate the Touchpad, is intended for single hand use in HTPC and presentations - just like a regular Remote:

You can then navigate inside the menus with the Touchpad, the Page Up/Down and also access all the Multimedia buttons single handed. A tap on the mouse pad will then trigger the left mouse button, which is used for selections and Page Up/Down for scroll/changing page etc. Very convenient!

Which version should I choose, the Bluetooth or the 2.4G RF based?
If you primarily intend to use it on a PC / HTPC (Windows, Linux or Mac) at shorter range we suggest the 2.4G RF based versions, since these are pure Plug&Play (No drivers and setup needed). They also work in BIOS and support Wake-on-USB.

If you intend to use it on other devices with no USB Keyboard support (Smartphones, Tablet PC's etc), the Bluetooth HID versions offer wider compatibility. It is also possible to extend operating range further with stronger Bluetooth Dongles (Class 1). Bluetooth devices need pairing with the host and is therefore Driver/Setup dependant.

Will the battery be easily depleted if I forget to turn off the Keyboard and/or the Backlight?
No! If you activate the Backlight, it will automatically turn off during inactivity. Next time you start typing, it will automatically turn on again.

After 30 minutes of inactivity the Keyboard will automatically go into Standby to preserve Power. Just press any key to wake up the keyboard.

Can I input F9, F10, F11 and F12 commands on the KB-1RF Mini Keyboard?
We have added shortcuts for these commands on recent KB-1RF / KB-1BT versions (even not printed on the keys). Press Fn+F for F9, Fn+G for F10, Fn+H for F11 and Fn+J for F12.

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Chill KB-1BT Wireless Bluetooth Micro Keyboard (UK)

- English keyboard layout (UK)
- Ultra-slim Bluetooth Mini Keyboard
- Integrated Touchpad for easy mouse control
- Backlighted keys for typing in the dark
- Built-in LED Flashlight
- Easy Access Multimedia function keys.
- Rechargeable A-Grade Li-Polymer Battery
- Nano USB Bluetooth dongle included
- Windows 10 support!

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Surprisingly good!

Better build quality and battery than other mini keyboards out there for sure. I can even use it through walls with no problems (using a 3rd party bluetooth class1 dongle). A bit limited availability in the UK, so ordered it directly from Chill and it arrived within 4 days.

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Finally some decent quality!

Tried quite a few mini keyboards bought from eBay/Amazon with bad results. Eventually decided to buy the Chill even though not the cheapest, but would have saved a lot of bucks if I just did this from the start.

Finally some decent build quality. Sturdy design, good performance, good backlight and good battery. The search was finally over :-)

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