Chill TWS True Wireless Stereo In-Ear Bluetooth Earphones with chargebox

- TWS (True Wireless Stereo) Bluetooth 5.0 In-Ear Earbuds
- Bluetooth backward compatible 
- LCT Antenna for higher signal strength
- Incl. Compact Charging box (500mAh)
- Up to 5 hours music (~25h with charging box)
- Knowles Neodym Speakers & Microphone
- Lightweight for sports & gaming (only 4.7g)
- Auto Power On/Off & Link
- IPX4 Sweat-/rainproof
- Siri & Google Assistant
- 3 sets of ear tips (S/M/L)

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Chill True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds with great sound, operating time, range and a compact charging box!

The new Chill TWS (True Wireless Stereo) Bluetooth 5.0 In-Ear Headset offer ultimate freedom, comfort and near-lossless Audio quality in a state-of-the-art compact design.

Just connect the real wireless Chill TWS In-Ear earbuds via Bluetooth to your Smartphone / iPhone, tablet / iPad, PC, etc.  and enjoy high audio quality audio without the cable hassle. The Chill TWS HV-358C is equipped with a new hi-end LCT (Laser Circuit Technology) Antenna for enhanced Bluetooth stability (same as iPhone X series).

The smart black hi-end Chill TWS headphones are ultra lightweight (only 4.7 grams each) and completely cable-free during use. Both earbuds are equipped with powerful Li-Poly batteries each that provide up to 5 hours of non-stop music / speech.

The Chill TWS Earphones are delivered in a smart compact Storage & Charging Box. Here you can not only conveniently store the two earbuds, but also charge them wirelessly on the go! With a built-in Powerbank/battery feature, the charging box can deliver up to 3-4 full charges to the earphones, bringing the total operating time up to around 25 hours. The Chill HV-358C will also automatically Power-On/Off and link together when taken out of the box for easy use.

The ultra light Chill TWS earbuds comes with 3 sets of soft silicone ear plugs in different sizes (S/M/L) included, so you can customize them for your ears. The ergonomic and sweat- / rainproof design ensures good fit and comfort, and also suitable for active sports.

The Chill TWS Bluetooth headset is equipped with hi-end Neodym speakers and 48MIPS dual-Mac DSP coprocessor. This contributes to significantly better dynamics, deeper bass and near lossless Audio on par with even much more expensive In-Ear TWS earphones.

The new Chill TWS headset also features Knowles HD microphones with noise and echo reduction for hands-free telephony. The earbuds can also be used as an ordinary mono headset in one ear. Furthermore they support Apple Siri & Google Assistent Voice control.

A state-of-the-art and lightweight Hi-End TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earphone design improved and optimized by Chill Innovation A/S Denmark for maximum sound quality, signal stability, operating time and solid deep bass. Just put your favorite music on and Chill...

- Chill HV-358C TWS Bluetooth In-Ear Headset (2pcs), Black
- Chill Powerbank Storage & Charging Box (500mah Li-Poly)
- Micro USB charging cable for regular USB chargers
- 3 sets of ear plugs (S/M/L)
- User Manual

The Chill headset is also compatible with other Bluetooth versions!

Data sheet
Model: HV-358C (Chill Enhanced)
Type: TWS Bluetooth 5.0 (Airoha)
Features: TWS (True Wireless Stereo), Echo & Noise Cancellation, Knowles Microphone / Speakers, IPX4 Waterproof, LCT Antenna, Charging Box
Support: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP (Bluetooth Profiles)
Capacity: 2x55mAh Li-Poly (≤5 hours operation / 100 hours standby) 500mAh Li-Poly Charging Box (≤4 charges)
Range: ≤ 20 meter (without obstacles)
SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio): ≥ 90 dB
Speakers: Knowles Neodym
Frequency: 20Hz - 20KHz
Output: 2 x 20mW / 16 ohm
Input: Micro USB B - 5V DC / 1A max
Operating time: ≤5 hours (≤25 hours with Charging Box) @ 50% volume
Charging time: Headset: ~1.5h / Chargebox: 2.5h
Rechargeable: ≤ 500 times
Capacity indicators: LED / Voice
Protection: IPX4 Sweat / Rain proof headset
Material: ABS + Silicone
Operating Temperature: -10°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature: 10°C to 30°C
Operating Humidity: Max 90%, non-condensing
Product Dimensions (H x W x D): 37 x 59 x 25 mm (Charging case)
Packing Dimensions (H x W x D): 135 x 87 x 50 mm
Weight (Net): Earbud: 4.7g. Charge box: 33g
Weight (Gross - incl. packing): 165g
Safety / Compliance: CE, RoHS
Packing / Included: 2x Earbuds, Charging Case, 3 sets Earplugs (S/M/L), Micro-USB cable, Manual
EAN / GTIN: 5711802000772

Can I use Siri / Google Assistant voice control with the Chill TWS HV-358C headset?:

Yes, double-click on the right headset button to enable Siri / Google Assistant (if supported by the host).

My new Chill TWS HV-358C earbuds do not sound so good?

Initially, the sound may appear a little metallic / sharp / limited bass etc., since the speaker membranes need to be excersised. It takes up to 20 hours of playback before reaching its maximum sound and depth. So have some patience - it's going to be worth it :-)

I have trouble charging:

The explanation should typically be found among the following:

- Always wipe charging pins on the headset and possibly the charging box before charging, as sweat / skin grease can prevent proper contact.

- Twist the headset a bit when putting them into the Charging Box to ensure proper contact (see LED light status)

- If the Charging Box is fully depleted, this will automatically charge first for a while, before headset charging begins (Only charging box LED will light, despite headsets are in the box during this proces).

- Do not connect the Charging Box to constant power from the USB charger for many hours / overnight, but turn off / disconnect it after charging ends. Otherwise, the charging box / headset will be prevented to enter standby and will cause unnecessary tear and wear on electronics and batteries.

- Batteries and electronics are automatically calibrated during full cycles (full charge and discharge), but as there are 3 batteries at stake (charging box + 2x headset), you can get in situations where one or more batteries never really get any full cycles. Eg. the power consumption is not quite the same in both headsets. This can affect both the performance of the batteries as well as the actual battery capacity display, which then becomes inaccurate / misleading. In that case you can run all the batteries flat and then fully charge them afterwards, to ensure they get a full cycle each.

- The theoretically lifetime for Li-Polymer batteries are around 300-500 cycles in perfect conditions. Especially storing batteries in a depleted state, high temperature fluctuations and heat/direct sunshine can greatly reduce capacity / lifetime. If/when you experience reduced capacity, you can try to do a calibration (see above) to potentially improve the performance.

I can not link both earbuds together for Stereo use:

If you want to use the Chill HV-358C TWS earbuds together (stereo), they must first link with each other before connecting them to the phone / tablet:

1. Delete all previous Bluetooth pairings on the phone (HV-358, HV-358 R), restart the phone, and disable Bluetooth.

2. Then, remove both earbuds from the charging box. Usually they will power on automatically, or else shortly press BOTH headset buttons: They should say: Power on ... Your device is connected)*

3 Then activate Bluetooth on your phone and pair with the HV-358.

* If they do not say: 'Power on... Your device is connected' when powered-on according to the procedure, but instead say 'Power on... Pairing', the headsets are not linked together for Stereo use. In that case: Turn on both headsets, and right after the "Power On" sound, double-click quickly on both headsets. There will be various beep sounds in both and after 5-10 seconds the will be linked together (say: Your device is connected). If not, repeat the steps and try to keep them closer together.

How do the LED indicators work on the Charging Box:

The LED indicators on the left and right side on the charging box show the 2 earbuds charging status: Lights Red when charging the earbuds and lights blue when no current is detected (typically charged). When no current is detected for a while, the LED lights will turn off if battery operated.

The LED indicator in the middle indicate the Charging box status. It blinks red when charging, and light solid red when charged.

If the Charging Box is fully depleted, it will automatically charge itself for a while, before starting to charge the two headsets. During this proces the headset indicator LEDS will not light up - only the charging box LED.

One headset runs low on battery before the other?

For stereo use, the LEFT headset is the Master - the one which receives the signal from your phone, and sends it to the RIGHT headset (Slave). The power consumption will therefore always vary somewhat in both headsets depending on the signal quality, distance between the telephone and headset, other disturbing wireless signals in the air, blockages from your clothes / walls etc. and overall music volume.

One can thus obtain some power savings, by of course lowering the volume, but also by ensuring to have the shortest distance between the phone and the LEFT headset. Operating distance and which clothes / bag / pocket you use, whether the phone is facing up or down etc., all affect the signal quality and thus the power consumption.

I periodically experience outcomes in the sound:

Sound loss is unfortunately not quite uncommon for Bluetooth and is typically a result of signal disturbances.

The LEFT headset is the master and receives the signal from the phone and this is sent to the RIGHT headset. The forwarded signal will always be weaker than the primary signal as there is a natural signal loss here. In case of signal disturbances, the right headset will also be the first one to loose it. For the same reason, the left can not loose the sound without the right side as well.

Signal disturbances typically occur due to other more powerful wireless signals nearby (at 2.4Ghz), physical blockages of the signal from, eg. clothes, caps, bags, a relatively weak bluetooth signal from the host and/or combinations thereof.

Other 2.4Ghz signals can come from Wi-Fi routers, wireless bellows, baby alarms, other Bluetooth devices, DECT phones, wireless keyboard / mouse, etc. Likewise, many "China" products do not meet the radio regulations, thus jaming other products.

Signal disturbances can be difficult to overcome depending on the phone, usage pattern and the environment. The basic transmitting power is controlled by the sender and the antennas are built into the Bluetooth chipsets at both ends. So unfortunately, there is not really anything you can do to increase the Bluetooth transmit power and frequency. It is a fairly closed standard.

Often, however, one can get better signal by experimenting with which clothes / bag / pocket you keep the phone in, whether it is up or downside. Since the LEFT headset is the master in stereo, this headset should also have the best signal and shortest distance from the phone.

Especially in crowded / certain areas, there may be a lot of other wireless signals in the air, and this can generally be difficult to avoid. A disturbing signal in the air may / will dodge a weaker signal regardless of the range between the phone and the headset.

In general, Bluetooth outcomes are likely to occur (regardless of brand), as it is a short-range signal that is easily jammed. The problem is greater with TWS headsets, as there are two signals to be transmitted instead of one with regular bluetooth headphones / speakers. 

Bluetooth 5.0 offer the latest "anti-jamming" features, and thereby potientially less intereference combined with the hi-end LCT antenna used. For maximum Bluetooth 5.0 advantage, a Bluetooth 5.0 compliant smartphone is also required though.

One should be aware that signal delays may also come from one's streaming, as the internet connection is not necessarily constant / stable when moving around.

The counterparty sometimes has trouble hearing me clearly during telephone calls:

Noisy surroundings and wind noise and the like can affect the sound quality, as the microphone is located in the ear and thus will easily catch the surrounding noise too.

Can I get the other party's voice in both headsets during phone calls:

During phone calls, you only hear the opposite party in one headset due to a limitation and/or feature in the Bluetooth chipset itself. Telephony is a mono signal with limited resolution, and this is not broadcasted to both headsets - thus, less power is used and signal quality is increased.

In general, you will also tend to talk louder if you hear counterparty in both headsets. So this can also be annoying.

Can I connect my Chill TWS HV-358C to a PC / Computer too?

Yes, if your computer have a built-in Bluetooth module or Bluetooth dongle you can also connect the headset. 

A computer have many options for sound devices which can affect the connection and sound quality. In case of low resolution / distorted sound you may have to adjust your sound settings in Windows to use a different codec/device for playback/recordings.

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Chill TWS True Wireless Stereo In-Ear Bluetooth Earphones with chargebox

- TWS (True Wireless Stereo) Bluetooth 5.0 In-Ear Earbuds
- Bluetooth backward compatible 
- LCT Antenna for higher signal strength
- Incl. Compact Charging box (500mAh)
- Up to 5 hours music (~25h with charging box)
- Knowles Neodym Speakers & Microphone
- Lightweight for sports & gaming (only 4.7g)
- Auto Power On/Off & Link
- IPX4 Sweat-/rainproof
- Siri & Google Assistant
- 3 sets of ear tips (S/M/L)

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God lyd, god pris og hurtig levering

God lyd, god pris og hurtig levering

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Meget lækre!

Faktisk bedre end forventet til prisen. God lyd og lækkert kompakt design.

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Godt køb!

Bedre end forventet til prisen! Ville være rart med noget længere batteritid, omend på samme niveau som andre mærker. Til gengæld er ladeboksen rimelig hurtig og de spiller/sidder rigtig godt.

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Elsker dem!

Er superglade for mine Chili høretelefoner. Rigtig god lyd og sidder godt fast.

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Godt køb

Fik dem dagen efter og de spiller rigtig godt

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Bedste køb!

Virkelig god lyd og signal stabilitet og så til under det halve af de store mærker.
Har prøvet et hav af høretelefoner med svingende lydkvalitet, som konstant får udfald og ikke kan holde strømmen efter blot et par måneder. De her spiller bare perfekt, og kom dagen efter køb - sådan!

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Mega tilfreds

Disse earbuds er super fede, de sidder godt, falder ikke ud selvom man godt kan tro det mht. til deres design. Og så lyder de bare super fedt. Super meget fylde i lyden og en dejlig behagelig bass. Selv om der står at man skal være lidt tålmodig med lydkvaliteten og at den bliver bedre efter ca. 20 timers brug , så synes jeg at de allerede er go'e efter de første par timer. Så hvis de bliver bedre , så kan jeg slet ikke få armene ned. Stor ros til Chill Innovation, får endnu et godt produkt.

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Enig med de øvrige. De er sgu for fede. Rigtig god lyd og lækre materialer. Selvfølgelig også en sjat penge for et par hørebøffer, men synes de er helt på niveau med selv de meget dyrere mærker.

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Mega fede

Mega fede 6+☆

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Yderst velspillende høretelefoner

Er blevet meget glade for min nye Chill efter jeg lige fik sat mig ind i hvordan de fungerer. De spiller rigtig godt og den lille trådløse ladeboks er smart. De holder ligeledes markant bedre signal end de øvrige jeg har prøvet. Selv manualen er på dansk, men det står godt nok småt. Var nødt til at downloade den elektroniske for overhovedet at kunne læse den.

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Tilslutter mig de øvrige :-)

De her er for vilde til prisen! Har været igennem mange mærker, og ALLE har haft problemer med konstante udfald. De her Chill'er fungerer upåklageligt. At de så også lyder mindst lige så godt som dobbelt så dyre mærker, ja faktisk bedre end Apple Airpods er jo helt vildt. Jeg er fan :-D

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For vilde!

Lydkvaliteten er sindsyg god. Havde ikke lige forventet de kunne slå min kablede Bose høretelefoner, men det gør de!. Er meget positivt overrasket, ikke mindst når man ser hvad de "store" mærker koster.

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Fedt produkt.

Disse " no nonsens " leverer virkelig valuta for pengene. Meeeeget komfortable og super lyd.

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Havde lige købt Apple Airpods til 1200,- da en ven viste mig disse Chill. Seriøst, de her spiller både bedre, sidder bedre fast, har længere batteri og er meget billigere. Havde aldrig hørt om Chill før, selvom i er danske. I må markedsføre jer noget mere :-)

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Super godt headsæt

Virkelig en positiv oplevelse, rigtig god lyd og sidder godt - kan klart anbefales

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Fedeste headset ever!!!

4. gang er åbenbart lykkens gang! Endelig et TWS headset der leverer varen. Har både prøvet Havit, Jabra og Samsung headset som alle røg retur igen. Dette Chill headset beholder jeg! Det har klart det mest stabile signal samt lyd og pasform er fremragende. Ladeboksen er også ret lækker og mere intuitiv at bruge med ordentlig LED visning. At prisen så ovenikøbet også er den laveste, er så rimeligt imponerende. Bliver næppe de sidste Chill produkt jeg køber :-)

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