Chill V8 AptX Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Sport Headset, Black

- Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Sport Headphones
- 8 hours play / 150h Standby (100mAh Li-Poly)
- 10mm Neodym drivers with good dynamics and deep bass
- Ultra lightweight design ideal for sports
- Microphone for handsfree calling
- Noise & Echo cancellation technology
- Magnetic Smart Power On/Off
- Control Panel with english voice guide
- Incl. 3 set of silicone cushions + ear hooks
- AptX Special Edition

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V8-Black (aptX)
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AptXChill V8 'AptX Special Edition' Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear sport Earphones with long battery life and good fit!

The wireless Chill V8 'aptX Special Editionø Bluetooth In-Ear Earphones offers good audio quality, long operating time and comfort. Easily connect to your Smartphone / iPhone and other Bluetooth-based gadgets such as computers, tablets/iPad and even newer televisions - and enjoy lossless sound quality without cable clutter.

The black Chill V8 headphones has a unique design that not only contributes to a higher audio quality and long playback time, but also an ergonomically optimized fit with comfort for longer periods of use and sport.

The ultra lightweight Chill headphones comes with 3 pairs of ear cushions + silicone ear hooks included in various sizes (S/M/L), so you can customize the fit. The ear hooks will give an extra secure fit during sports.

Due to the unique Chill V8 headset design, it features extra large 10mm Neodym speaker drivers, 48MIPS dual-Mac DSP coprocessor and bass chambers. This contributes to enhanced dynamics and bass response compared with most generic in-ear headphones.

The powerful rechargeable 100mAh Li-Poly battery coupled with the efficient Bluetooth circuit design ensures up to 8 hours operating time / 150 hours standby on a single fast charge (about 2 hours).

The Chill V8 earphones is equipped with smart magnets, so it automatically powers on/off when absorbed together/apart. You can hang them absorbed around your neck and they will be off - and automatically power on when you wear them. They will also automatically power off after a while, if not connected to a device.

The new wireless Chill V8 headset also features a microphone for hands-free telephony and noise reduction & echo cancellation technology. A convenient voice guided control panel on the headset will let you easily operate the music / telephone / volume etc.

A solid and ultra lightweight earphone design optimized by Chill Innovation, Denmark with enhanced lossless sound quality, deep rich bass and an good operating time. Just put on your favorite music and Chill...

- Chill V8 Bluetooth AptX In-Ear Earphones (Black)
- 3 sets of soft silicone cushions and ear hooks (S/M/L)
- Cable Tie (to adjust cable length)
- Quick Guide

Notice! You might need to use mixed silicone cushions and ear hook sizes, even on both ears. With a perfect fit you will get good audio dynamics and bass response even during sport.

Data sheet
Model: V8-Black
Type: Bluetooth 4.2+EDR (CSR 8645 AptX)
Features: Magnetic Power on/off, Echo & Noise Cancellation, Multipoint (connect 2 devices), Sweat Proof, AptX
Support: aptX, A2DP, AVRCP, HFP (Bluetooth Profiles)
Capacity: 100mAh Li-Poly (up to 8 hours play / 150 hours Standby @ 50% volume)
Range: ≤ 10 meter (without obstacles)
SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio): ≥ 95 dB
Speakers: 10mm Neodym
Frequency: 20Hz - 20KHz
Output: 2 x 20mW / 16 ohm
Input: Micro USB B - 5V DC / 1A max
Operating time: ≤ 8 hours playback (50% volume) / 150 hours Standby
Charging time: ~1.5 hours
Rechargeable: ≤ 500 times
Capacity indicators: LED / Voice
Protection: IPX2 Rain / Sweat proof
Material: Aluminium & ABS
Operating Temperature: -10°C to 45°C
Storage Temperature: 10°C to 30°C
Safety / Compliance: CE, RoHS
Packing / Included: Earphones, 3 sets Ear Cushions + Ear Hooks (S/M/L), Cable Tie, Quick Guide
EAN / GTIN: 5711802000987

My new Chill V8 earphones do not sound so good?

Initially, the sound may appear a little metallic / sharp / limited bass etc., since the speaker membranes need to be excersised. It takes up to 20 hours of playback before reaching its maximum sound and depth. So have some patience - it's going to be worth it :-)

I have trouble with charging / performance:

The explanation should typically be found among the following:

- Check inside the Micro-USB port to ensure the pins etc has not become physically broken, or dust etc. are blocking proper connection.

- Never store the battery in a depleted state, as this will potentially damage the cells and reduce capacity / lifetime.

- If headphones are not used often, make sure they have at least one full cycle every 3 months. For longer time storage batteries are best kept at 50-70% charge.

- Do not connect the headphones to constant power from the USB charger for many hours / overnight, but turn off / disconnect it after charging ends. Otherwise, the headset will be prevented to enter standby and will cause unnecessary tear and wear on electronics and batteries.

- Batteries and electronics are automatically calibrated during full cycles (full charge and discharge). If capacity tend to become inaccurate / misleading one can try to do a manual calibration by fully discharge and then fully recharge the battery.

- The theoretically lifetime for Li-Polymer batteries are around 300-500 cycles in perfect conditions. Especially storing batteries in a depleted state, high temperature fluctuations and heat/direct sunshine can greatly reduce capacity / lifetime. If/when you experience reduced capacity, you can try to do a calibration (see above) to potentially improve the performance.

I periodically experience outcomes in the sound:

Sound loss is unfortunately not quite uncommon for Bluetooth and is typically a result of signal disturbances.

Signal disturbances typically occur due to other more powerful wireless signals nearby (at 2.4Ghz), physical blockages of the signal from, eg. clothes, caps, bags, a relatively weak bluetooth signal from the host and/or combinations thereof.

Other 2.4Ghz signals can come from Wi-Fi routers, wireless bellows, baby alarms, other Bluetooth devices, DECT phones, wireless keyboard / mouse, etc. Likewise, many "China" products do not meet the radio regulations, thus jaming other products.

Signal disturbances can be difficult to overcome depending on the phone, usage pattern and the environment. The basic transmitting power is controlled by the sender and the antennas are built into the Bluetooth chipsets at both ends. So unfortunately, there is not really anything you can do to increase the Bluetooth transmit power and frequency. It is a fairly closed standard.

Especially in crowded / certain areas, there may be a lot of other wireless signals in the air, and this can generally be difficult to avoid. A disturbing signal in the air may / will dodge a weaker signal regardless of the range between the phone and the headset.

One should be aware that signal delays may also come from one's streaming, as the internet connection is not necessarily constant / stable when moving around.

The counterparty sometimes has trouble hearing me clearly during telephone calls:

Noisy surroundings and wind noise and the like can affect the sound quality, as the microphone is located in the ear and thus will easily catch the surrounding noise too.

Can I connect my Chill V8 to a PC / Computer too?

Yes, if your computer have a built-in Bluetooth module or Bluetooth dongle you can also connect the headset. 

A computer have many options for sound devices which can affect the connection and sound quality. In case of low resolution / distorted sound you may have to adjust your sound settings in Windows to use a different codec/device for playback/recordings.

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Chill V8 AptX Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Sport Headset, Black

- Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Sport Headphones
- 8 hours play / 150h Standby (100mAh Li-Poly)
- 10mm Neodym drivers with good dynamics and deep bass
- Ultra lightweight design ideal for sports
- Microphone for handsfree calling
- Noise & Echo cancellation technology
- Magnetic Smart Power On/Off
- Control Panel with english voice guide
- Incl. 3 set of silicone cushions + ear hooks
- AptX Special Edition

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Super høretelefoner!

Andre bluetooth høretelefoner jeg har haft, har kontrolpanelet siddet på ledningen, og dette kan nogen gange godt være irriterende. Så dette var faktisk den primære årsag til jeg ville prøve disse Chill, da de styres oppe på øret. At lyden så også er bedre end min øvrige headset, og de rent faktisk også sidder umiddelbart bedre fast er jo så blot en kæmpe bonus. Til gengæld er de jo så en lille sjat større end de øvrige, men det er nu et helt ok trade-off :-)

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Bedste køb

Dette er nu hustandens tredje sæt. Rigtig god lyd og bas, batteri tid og pasform til små penge.

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Sidder perfekt under løb

Bruger dem udelukkende når jeg løber, og her sidder de bedre fast end nogen andre jeg har prøvet igennem tiden. God lyd og lang batteri tid til en fair pris! Go for it!

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God lyd - God pasform - God pris!

Magnet systemet er måske lidt overflødigt, men lyd og kvalitet er helt på højde med alt andet jeg har prøvet i 500-1000,- klassen :-)

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Bedste til dato

Har snart købt et hav af høretelefoner til løb, men har aldrig været helt tilfreds, da de falder ud osv. De her Chill er de bedste til dato. De bliver siddende, spiller længe og lyder pisse godt.

I bør virkelig markedsføre dem noget mere, for tror ikke mange kender til dem - og de er virkelig bedre end selv de dobbelt så dyre.

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Kan anbefales

Rigtig god lyd og design til en attraktiv pris.
Magnet funktionen måske knap så brugbar.
Hurtig levering dagen efter.
Kan varmt anbefales!

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Rigtig god lyd!

Rigtig god lyd!
Havde brug for et par nye hørebøffer og tog chancen med disse, da jeg har været rigtig glad for jeres bluetooth højtaler.

Er meget positivt overrasket over lydkvaliteten, der overstiger hvad jeg ellers har prøvet til endda højere priser.

Det tager lidt tid lige at få tilpasset dem til ørerne, men må sige at ørekrogene rent faktisk virker. De sidder helt fast selvom jeg bruger dem til crossfit.

Thumbs up herfra for endnu et fedt Chill produkt :-)

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Meget lyd for pengene

Havde egentlig ikke de helt store forventninger til denne pris, men ville bare have nogle billige trådløse høretelefoner til lidt træning og pendling fra/til arbejde. De lyder mindst lige så godt som flere af de andre jeg har prøvet til langt over dobbelt pris, og så holder batteriet flere dage. Anbefales!

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Fede høretelefoner

Mega god lyd og bas, lang batteri tid og sidder godt!

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Endelig nogen der bliver siddende :-)

Har aldrig rigtig kunne enes med In-Ear høretelefoner, da de altid falder ud af mine ører. Så mit håb var at jeg med ørekrogene endelig kunne få noget der bare nogenlunde sad fast - og her blev jeg positivt overrasket. De bliver sgu siddene for første gang!!!

Sekundært så lyder de bare godt og betjeningen fungerer spot on.

Lige før jeg vil sige, at havde de kostet det dobbelte, så havde jeg stadig synes det var et godt køb :-D

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